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Blue Quill

by Jim Misiura

Iron Blue Dun

by Jim Misiura

Green Drake Mayfly

by Kevin Hospodar

Indicator Mayfly

by The Fly Fiend

Quill Body Mayfly

by The Fly Fiend

Rusty Spinner

by Corey Cabral

Semi Realistic Mayfly

by Kevin Hospodar

Biot Body CDC Dry Fly

by Tim Cammisa

Green Drake

by Jim Misiura

Synthetic Quill Dry Fly

by Jim Misiura

Henry's Fork Caddis

by Jim Misiura

Grizzly Bi Color

by Jim Misiura

Hen Back Caddis

by Jim Misiura

Tan Caddis

by Tim Cammisa

Patriot Fly

by Jim Misiura

Sulphur Gnat

by Jim Misiura

Golden Stonefly

by Jim Misiura

Realistic Blue Wing Olive

by Jim Misiura

Caddis Special

by Jim Misiura

Little Brown Stonefly

by Jim Misiura

Dark Hendrikson

by Jim Misiura

Stimulator Fly

by Jim Misiura


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Hemingway's Mayfly Dry Pattern 7503

Hemingway's Realistic Mayfly

Hemingway's Realistic Stonefly Dry 5257-4

Hemingway's Realistic Stonefly

Hemingway's Realistic Caddis Dry 8229

Hemingway's Realistic Caddis