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Steven Craig


I am the Owner and Head Guide for Classic Fly Fishing Adventures in Alberta, Canada, targeting predominantly Brown Trout in Central Alberta streams and rivers. I have been fly fishing and tying for over 30 years and love the resurgence of tying and fly fishing in general with new innovative products and techniques hitting the market, and more and more people getting into the sport. I enjoy teaching the ins and outs of tying and casting.

Location: Central Alberta, Canada


Steven Craig

Jeff Enwright


I've been fishing passionately my whole life in South Western Ontario. Fishing for bass, pike, walleye, carp. In the summer of 2016 I bought a fly setup, and taught myself how to cast. The first time I landed a fish on the fly I was SOLD!!! It quickly became about tying quality flies. As well, salmon and trout became my target species. I never looked back. My time spent as a professional chef gave me consistency, creativity, and an eye for detail. Now I am borderline neurotic about tying, and I am passionate about every fly off the vise. In January of 2018 FishWhistleFlies was launched. Because of my job as a chef, I spend more hours on the vise than the water some times. So one of the best parts has become when customers send me pics of a great catch on one of my flies. It provides an incredible connection between vise, tyer, fish, and fisherman. Tying has become what I do. So from here on out I am looking to fish and tie as much as possible, and get them to the net for me and many other people as I can.
Tight lines and good catch to everyone!

Location: London, Ontario, Canada

Jeff Enwright - Frosty Fly Pro Staff

Ken Held

I started my journey of fly fishing and tying some 40 plus years ago, I have tried to be as innovative with my tying as I can with new materials making my flies durable and as realistic as I can. I do tying demonstrations to pass my knowledge on to others that have the same passion for fly tying that I do, and then spend many hours on the river testing them.
In September 2014 some of my flies where published in Rick Takahashi’s newest book Modern Terrestrials and my journey continues here at Frosty Fly.

Location: Boise, Idaho, United States

Ken Held 2 (Custom)

Clay Erickson

Clay Erickson acquired his love of fishing and the outdoors from his father at a young age. Fly fishing & tying became his passion 15 years ago which lead into his own custom fly tying business. Clay takes pride in his tying and loves to see the amazing experiences and fish his customers get to enjoy from his tying expertise. In 2018, he started to get his feet wet with rod building & repair as well. Teaching his young daughters the importance of catch and release and how to respect and appreciate the outdoors has been an absolute blessing to him.

Despite Alberta & British Columbia, being his typical fly fishing destinations, Clay plans to seek out water in Montana & Alaska very soon.

Location: Alberta, Canada

Clay Erickson

Corey Cabral

(a.k.a. Fanatical Fly Tyer)

Fly fishing & fly tying aficionado with a fanatical mind. A real fly fishing enthusiast with creative and new approach to fly tying and angling. An author of a great fly tying & fly fishing blog (can you guess the name) where he shares his thoughts and insights. Here you can find some awesome new fly creations, useful reviews and other good reads. What he said about himself on his blog probably sums it all up very well: "Be it fly fishing or sitting at the bench tying up offerings and creating new flies I am 100% addicted, obsessed and in love with the hobby and sport".

Location: London, Ontario, Canada

Corey - The Fanatical Tyer 2 (Custom)

Terrence Nathan Tinucci

I guide for and run an outfitter in Southern California. We fish for a wide variety of mostly trout from small wild trout 10” in the back country creeks, to 30” 20 lb plus trout in big Lakes. Fly Fishing and fly tying have had my attention since 1992. All these years later, I have seen this industry, the fisherman, fly tying materials and the sport grow. As a fly tier, I am always looking for innovate products and materials. As a fisherman and guide, I am always looking for the best patterns and most productive flies. Frosty Fly has helped me accomplish those things and allowed me support to continue my progression as an artist, a fisherman and a business man. I am honored to be a part of this team.

Location: Crestline, CA, United States

Terrence Tinucci

Ethan Smith


Fly fishing has been one of my passions ever since I was a little kid. My father introduced me and my brothers to fishing at a very young age every chance he got he’d take us out camping, fishing, and everything outdoors. Ever since I experienced the sensation of having a fish hooked on my line as a kid fishing has been my passion ever since. The perfect fly fishing scenario in my book would have to be the late summer nights under a bright moon chucking a big ole mouse fly trying to lure out big browns looking for a nighttime meal. Lucky for me I was raised in Midway, Utah and grew up only only a mile away from the river so getting out on the water and hunting some trout has always been a regular activity I’ve been able to do several times a week. i don't think i can decide on the most memorable fish I've ever caught (just too many) but i do think the most memorable fishing trip I've ever had would have to be trips going up and drifting the Green River with my father, that's where my love for fly fishing began.

Location: Midway, Utah, United States

Ethan Smith

Sylvan Rathfon


I grew up back in the Midwest in a small southern Indiana town fishing for bass, pan fish and catfish. I first got interested in fishing because I grew up with a pond behind my house. I slowly started progressing in my fishing skills and knowledge, always looking for ways to challenge my fishing abilities. My mother always told stories of fly fishing in the streams and rivers of Idaho when she was growing up. She would talk of her grandpa always taking her to the legendary Henrys Fork and catching trout all day long. These stories always held my attention and finally one Christmas I received a fly rod and reel from my parents. Little did I know this would be the gateway to my passion and future hobbies.

                I moved out to Idaho to pursue a degree in Business and met my wife (Shayne). Together we both enjoy hiking into the back country of Idaho pursuing the wild cutthroats that live in the pocket water of the spring fed creeks. As we got into fishing more we also got into photography and now we try to photograph all of Idaho’s scenic mountains, rivers and streams. I am currently finishing up my degree and finding time to hit the river as much as possible.

Location: Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States

Sylvan Rathfon 4

Sean Chahley


Kootenay born and raised and now living in the Okanagan, I’ve always been close enough to a body of water to feed my appetite for exploring and fishing in the beautiful province of BC. When I’m not on the water, I’m sitting at my vice getting the fly box loaded up for my next trip - tying is my major passion that I’m so thankful to have discovered as a kid. I strive to stay ahead of the curve in the tying world with the latest materials and techniques and never pass up the opportunity to put my creations to the test and refine them until they work.
Always pinch your barbs!

Location: Kelowna, BC, Canada

Sean Chahley sq

Tanner Renshaw


My passion for fishing started at a young age when my dad would take my brothers and I to the streams in the Sierra Nevada mountains. I fell in love with being on the water, taking in the beautiful mountain landscapes and the challenge of tricking fish. Now I live in Heber, UT and am lucky to live near amazing fishing opportunities on the Provo River and the Uinta mountain lakes and streams. My love for fly fishing and nature continues to grow and I hope to be able to have the opportunity to chase fish and beautiful scenery throughout my whole life.

Location: Heber, Utah, United States

Tanner Renshaw

Neal Drakage

I learned the art of fly fishing at a young age from my grandfather when visiting his home on the Au Sable River in northern Michigan. I remember my grandfather making me spend hours just watching trout rise on brown drakes before he ever let me take a cast. Growing up in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, I became a diverse fisherman. I’ll fish for anything from wild trout, to smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and one of my favorites... peacock bass in Florida. Currently, I live in western North Carolina with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in my backyard. There’s nothing like getting off the grid, putting miles under your boots, and landing beautiful wild trout. I guide in Western North Carolina though my company Slippery Friction Fishing. Wanting to get into the fishing world even more, I’ve also started a website called Custom Tackle Review where I present photography, videography, and write ups of the various and grossly expanding options in the custom tackle world. I’m always looking for tackle that is new and unique, something that works. Custom Tackle Review allows me to present what I find with others.

Location: Maggie Valley, North Carolina, United States

Neal Drakage Custom Tackle Review

Michael O'Brien

Born and raised in Alberta, Canada. Developed a passion for fly fishing about 8 years ago and since then been fishing the streams and rivers of Southern Alberta and British Columbia.
My company, O'Briens Angling, provides guided trips on the Bow River with my drift boat, as well as walk and wade services.
I follow a simple philosophy of giving my clients an honest, fun day on the water for a fair price.
Floating down the Bow, swinging streamers, lobbing nymphs and subtly presenting dry flies, coupled with a big smile and a fun day - is what I’m all about!

Location: Bow River, Alberta, Canada

Michael O'Brien

Drayton Moore


I grew up in a fairly small town in the Foothills of North Carolina. Fly fishing there is not a thing that most people carry out but after being introduced to it by a friend of mine, it became an addiction. After a couple of years of conventional fly fishing, I was exposed to the European Style approach. I met Joey Walraven, a shop/ guide service owner in Cherokee NC and we became good friends. He showed me the ropes to Euro-Nymphing and has gotten me to where I am today. I also run my own small fly tying business with customers nation-wide. Fly fishing has opened so many doors, created many stories, made many friends, and brought much enjoyment to life. Thanks to Frosty Fly for giving me this opportunity! It is truly an honor!!

Location: Boone, NC, United States

Drayton Moore
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