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Exceptional Quality & Solid Construction Fly Tying Tools

Our collection of exceptionally built fly tying tools has been carefully selected. We bring you the top-notch brands, both coming from Europe: Stonfo for fly tying tools and Renomed for fly tying scissors.

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Stonfo, prime quality tools, coming from Florence, Italy are a result of more than thirty years of experience in manufacturing first-class fishing accessories. Innovative design, great functionality, solid construction, and precision engineering of these tools have impressed even the most selective tyers. Stonfo takes the tying gear to a new level. These tools have been built so they resemble some high-end dental or surgical equipment. They are a pleasure to work with and considering their exceptional quality are very competitively priced.

These tools are built so anyone, from the entry-level to the professional tying masters, will find them super functional and convenient. They bring top-quality fly tying performance to any bench.

For the perfect thread tension control, try Stonfo’s famous Elite Disc-Drag Bobbin – a weighted stainless steel bobbin with a special disc-drag design. Comes in Standard, Compact, and Streamer models. The amazing Elite Rotodubbing Dubbing Twister is absolutely essential when it comes to winding the dubbing directly onto the hook without the need for hackle pliers – its swinging head permits 180 degrees. Finish your flies in style with Elite Spring Whip Finisher – a high-precision tool for smooth thread sliding, no fraying, and gentle thread release.

Renomed, coming from Poland, truly remarkable, premium quality scissors with unbeatable sharpness and extreme precision. Manufactured by a family business in smaller series, each piece was handcrafted from start to finish. These scissors were made to ensure precision cutting action throughout decades of use. Designed to perfectly fit your hand, remain sharp, and last a lifetime. The best scissors you will ever find!

Choose from Small size, Straight or Curved, Medium Straight or Curved, or SuperCut Large.

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