Organize Your Fly Station Simple Hacks to Tie Better

Organize Your Fly Station: Simple Hacks to Tie Better

They say that nothing good comes easy – this is definitely true in the world of fly tying. Even a simple pattern, without the right skill set and techniques, can turn into a disaster in a hurry. Countless hours combined with trial and error at the vice is the only way to master the craft…

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Green Drake Mayfly by Kevin Hospodar

Kevin Hospodar’s Fly Tying for Trout: Green Drake Mayfly

Great new video from Kevin Hospodar! He shows us how to tie Green Drake Mayfly pattern, easy and simple-to-follow steps: “This is an extremely effective, semi-realistic, Green Drake pattern. With the use of very few materials, this is an extremely easy fly to tie. While some people may prefer to create their own extended bodies…

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Combat Stonefly Nymph Fly Tying Tutorial by The Fly Fiend

Quite an interesting recipe from Fly Fiend – a Combat Stonefly nymph pattern. This is your must-have steelhead pattern with a bigger profile that will trigger more bites, even in high and murky waters. It is a quick to tie recipe and the tutorial is easy to follow. Try it out, tie some, you won’t…

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Indicator Mayfly

Indicator Mayfly Fly Tying Tutorial by The Fly Fiend

Fly Fiend brings us another great recipe – this time for an Indicator Mayfly pattern – a must-have dry dropper fly pattern. It is an easy to follow fly tying tutorial. Try it out, tie some, try different color combos – they fish great. And, make sure you subscribe to Fly Fiend’s YouTube channel. It…

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Euro Nymphing - Drift One

Euro Nymphing: Drift One

Euro Nymphing Competition teams from Czech Republic, France, Spain and Poland all want their claim to be know on some small characteristic of Euro nymphing technique. To dunk you in, I could give you a grand history of how the glorious Czech nymphing came to be, but I’d offend competitive anglers from a handful of…

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Catgut Caddis Pupa

Fly Tying a Catgut Caddis Pupa

A great fly tying video tutorial coming from Lucian Vasies on how to tie a Catgut Caddis Pupa, a caddis pupa pattern using the Catgut Biothread material – a simple and easy way. As Lucian explained, a caddis pupa abdomen is shaped like an eggplant, so when wrapping the body thread to form an underbody,…

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Ethan - Fly Fishing with a Baby in Tow

Fly Fishing with a Baby in Tow

Finding time to hit the stream and throw some casts (and try out that new pricey rod you just got) is becoming a real challenge in today’s way of living. Finding time to fish when you become a parent of a new, tiny baby for many of us sounds like mission impossible. Or, at the…

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Fly Fiend’s Magic Midge

The Magic Midge Fly Tying Tutorial by The Fly Fiend

Here is another awesome recipe from Fly Fiend – a Magic Midge fly pattern! Really great fly tying tutorial with easy steps. The resulting fly is super-effective pattern that, we are sure, will be fished a lot. Check it out and make some yourself, these are quick to tie. And, make sure you subscribe to…

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Quill Body Mayfly by Fly Fiend

Quill Body Mayfly Fly Tying Tutorial by The Fly Fiend

One of the flies that stirred up so much attention! This Quill Body Mayfly video recipe by The Fly Fiend is a definite winner! Great looking fly, easy to follow steps. Don’t wait up, try this recipe – we are certain that it will be one of your most effective mayfly patterns. We have some…

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