Casting Fundamentals – The Five Variables - Bob Andersen

Casting Fundamentals – Part 2 – The Five Variables

In this article, I would like to review the five variables that we use in fly casting. They are Loop Size, Loop Plane, Loop Trajectory, Line Speed, and Mends. When you add these skills to your casting toolbox, you enhance your ability to make better presentations and ultimately catch more fish. Loop Size Let’s talk…

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Top 10 Fly Fishing Gifts - Your Guide to Gifting an Angler

Top 10 Fly Fishing Gifts

Your Guide to Gifting an Angler   Buying a gift for a fly fisher can be tough. There is a technical aspect of this challenge – being familiar with the right gear for their specific fly fishing technique and style. In addition, picking a perfect gift that matches their unique taste can add to the…

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Renomed Scissors – Cut out to be timeless - Fly Tying Gifts

Top 10 Fly Tying Gifts

Your Guide to Gifting a Fly Tyer Many fly fishers like to tie their own flies. They take special pride in catching a fish with a fly they tied themselves. Tying flies is an art, often called a functional art form. Whatever the case, it is definitely a very impressive skill for which you need…

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Euro Nymphing Techniques 101 - Real-life Situations

Euro Nymphing 101 – Real-life Situations

Learning Euro nymphing techniques through real-life fishing situations with our friend, Vladimir Petrovic (Oholi’s Flies), a World Fly Fishing Championship competitor. In this great video, Vladimir talks about the Euro Nymph rigging, the setup, equipment used, and how to fish it. He demonstrates Euro Nymphing techniques in real-life, authentic, on-the-river situations. Tons of awesome tips…

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Casting Fundamentals – Part I – The Five Principles - Bob Andersen

Fly Casting Fundamentals – Part 1 – The Five Principles

Over the next few articles, I will cover fly casting essentials, the main fly casting principles, and the most important fly casting variables. Here, we will talk about the five principles that are essential for making a good, efficient cast. These five principles are known as Gammel’s Five Essentials of Fly Casting, excerpted from “The…

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Hemingway's Caddis Flymph tied by Jim Misiura

Fly Tying a Hemingway’s Caddis Flymph with Jim Misiura

In this video tutorial, Jim shares with us his innovative recipe for tying Hemingway’s Caddis Flymph – a great looking fly. The steps are easy to follow – in Jim’s usual style – and the resulting fly will get some good attention by the trout. Give it a try today and tie some for your…

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Synthetic Quill CDC Emerger tied by Jim Misiura

Fly Tying a Synthetic Quill CDC Emerger with Jim Misiura

The next great video tutorial coming from Jim Misiura is a recipe for his Synthetic Quill CDC Emerger fly pattern. A really great fly and steps are easy to follow. Give it a go today! Ingredients: Hook: Std or Curved Hopper #12 – #20, try Maruto Curved c41 Hooks Thread: light, thicker thread, try Gray…

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Hot Bead Magic Quill tied by Jim Misiura

Fly Tying a Hot Bead Magic Quill with Jim Misiura

In this video tutorial, Jim is tying a Hot Bead Magic Quill nymph pattern – a great and simple pattern, very effective. The recipe is in Jim’s usual style – easy to follow. Give it a try! Ingredients: Hook: Demmon ST330 Jig #12 – #18 (Jim used #14) Bead: Slotted Tungsten Bead in Pink, Jim…

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Hemingway's Caddis tied by Jim Misiura

Fly Tying a Hemingway’s Caddis with Jim Misiura

In this video tutorial, Jim shares his Hemingway’s Caddis dry fly recipe using Heminway’s Realistic Caddis Wings. The recipe is easy to follow and the resulting fly looks authentic and is super-effective. Tie some today! Ingredients: Hook: Short shank / Std Dry #10 – #16, try Maruto d04 dry fly hooks Thread: Hemingway’s 8/0 Thread…

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