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Second time customer, great products! Keep up the good work.

Bruce Howard

Frosty Products

Could not be happier!!! I just wanted to say a very heartfelt thank you. Your company was fast in shipping of products and they are fantastic products. They are easy to work with and make a beautiful end result. I have recommended you to all of my friends and family who tie flies. THANK YOU so very much

Cody Lax


I loved the realistic bumblebee flys. I am an artist that likes to use mixed media. I painted a dahlia flower and used vintage scrabble tiles to write out FLIGHT IF THE BUMBLEBEE. The Frosty bumblebees were used in flight through the tiles and two landed on the flower. One on a petal and one in the center. One of my friends thought a real bee was on my painting! Thank you Frosty fly for helping me complete my vision!!!

Carolyn Faulkner

Virtual Nymph Skin

Caddis Pupa tied with black Virtual Nymph Skin. Hope you guys like. Shane Schuster, Pro Team at Frosty Fly.

Shane Schuster
Dirty Rig Fly Co

Virtual Nymph Skin

I absolutely love and recommend the Virtual Nymph Skin material from Frosty Fly. It’s great for Caddis Pupa, Worms and Stone Flies. It makes very realistic bodies and takes your fly tying to the next level. Check them out and buy them all, the applications are limitless.

Shane Schuster
Dirty Rig Fly Co

Realistic materials

I’ve landed really nice catches this season thanks to your amazing realistic materials! 🎣💪🏻




Realistic Bumblebee

I use bees and wasps in the summer in the high country of the Big Horn Mountains and I am never disappointed and rarely out fished. The brookies and browns can’t resist a juicy bee.

Kevin Lewis
Bighorn Mountains

Realistic hopper

Another brute! Thanks for producing some awesome materials!

Jesse Luke

Stonefly bodies

Another @frostyflyfishing stonefly body doing the job. I’m taking 85% of my mountain cutties on this fly with exceptional durability.

Steve Price @sprice7m

Wing buds and backs/Stone fly Nymph Rubber legs.

Guys and Gals out there, I highly recommend these products. It made tying a very realistic pattern easy. I like the fact that the Buds and Backs have a little tabs and adhesive to help with tying in. Also the 3D effect it gives with a little UV resin on top, really makes them pop. I also enjoyed the Stone fly nymph legs. Very easy to tie in and adds to the realism of the over all tie. Check them out people…

Shane Schuster
Dirty Rig Fly Co

Frosty Products

I just wanted to say a very heartfelt thank you. Your company was fast in shipping of products and they are fantastic products. They are easy to work with and make a beautiful end result.  I have recommended you to all of my friends and family who tie flies.

THANK YOU so very much

Cody Lax

Fly Tying Materials

I have fallen in love with these products!! Easy to work with. They make fantastic flies, can not wait to fish them.

‎Cody Lax‎

Stonefly Nymph

Caught this bruiser on a little grey nymph that I picked up from you guys. Pretty much everything I have gotten from you has worked great!Stonefly Nymph - Cameron's catch

‎Cameron L Bryant‎

Thank you very much for a very speedy delivery. The products are fantastic, I am very pleased. I look forward to ordering from you guys in the near future!! Cheers and tight lines 😎

Aaron H.

Hemingway’s Thread

I’m impressed with this thread! Didn’t even know Hemingway’s made thread!

Hemingway's Standard Thread - Green Yellow

Eric Blackshear

Renomed FS3

Oh, I got my Renomed scissors last week from you guys and I have to say, they are incredible. Beautiful, super light and insanely sharp. It’s a crazy difference to trim a little deer hair just to see…..the Renomed just sliced right through it, so smoothly. The only thing I’d change is larger finger loops but they are great as is.

Wow, just wow.

Thanks for the fast shipping!

Renomed FS3 Medium Straight Scissors 11cm

Eric B.


“I enjoy tying with your fly materials. I believe they have definitely helped clients catch some trophy size fish on pressured waters. Thanks for making some of the most innovative and realistic materials on the market.”

Brian Stewart
Fly Fishing Guide


“I had 5 different hopper patterns in the fly box and your green one was the only kind the fish were interested in at all!!”

Realistic Hoppers - Grasshoppers in action



Last year I wrote you folks regarding how well your hoppers were working on the west slope cutts of Montana. They were also well received recently by brown trout on the front range. Awesome product! They look incredibly lifelike on the water and are a quick and easy tie.

Larry Hanson

Realistic Hopper

Your hoppers produced my best brown to date definitely will be buying more!

Realistic Hopper - Trout caught by Jess Luke

Jess Luke

Stonefly Nymph

The flies crushed Montana.
Pulled some big fish out with those stones. All my buddies took all my flies cause they did so much better than the flies at the shop.

Realistic Stonefly Nymph

Rhino Nets

Realistic flies

These things work like a hot damn! I bought some adult mayfly and stonefly patterns of various colours and sizes, Frosty Fly gave me a grasshopper sampler on top of my order to top it off. All of those flies have proven their worth. You know when you get fish that moves on your fly but either misses it or refuses it.  Change to some of the realistic patterns these guys make, you will almost get another eat every time. I fish tiny, slow moving brown trout streams so if they work there, they must do just fine anywhere else!!


Pleased with the quality of flies!


I received my order and wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the quality of the flies. I intend to order more in the future!


Andre A.


“Hi there, I have just received my order in UK. Really pleased with quality of flies… can’t wait to try them out. Many thanks for sticker.

Kind regards,
Gary G.”

Gary G.


“Hi. I’ve  received  my  realistic  mayflies  selection  of 10 and the  other  flies, very  pleased  with  them, will  be  ordering a lot more.

Mark W.”

Mark W.

Realistic Extended Mayfly Body

Brown Drake Dun with Realistic Mayfly Bodies by Brad Chinn 

My Wally Wing Brown drake dun using your realistic mayfly body.

New ammo for the Silver Creek hatch next week!


Brad Chinn
Sun Valley, Idaho

Just mounted…

“Just arrived, just mounted…;)


Arnaud P.

Excellent realistic materials!

“I love your Company! I have your sticker on the truck! The truck goes all over California! I definitely will order up the shells and eyes! Amazing products! I love all your excellent realistic materials! I will take some photos of some of the flies I have tied with your material! Can’t wait for the general season to open up so I can use them!”

Daniel B.

Damn, you have some good stuff!

“Damn, you have some good stuff!  Ordering soon, love your website………….Thanks”

Jared K.

Can’t wait to get them onto the hooks!

“Hi, I just got my order and a big thanks, can’t wait to get them onto the hooks!

Thanks, Ivan”


Great flies!

“Thank you for the great flies that I have purchased from you. You have a super products. When my fishing buddies see these flies, there will be many more orders coming your way.
I am also a fly tier and have not been able to tie flies at this time because of recent eye surgery. When my eye is back to normal I will be ordering a good amount of tying materials from you. I will thank you again for a great product.



Awesome materials!

“Your shop is full of awesome materials for fly tying and fly fishing!”

Shelby R.

You guys are really top of the line!

“I really appreciate your professionalism in you guys\’ products. I’ve never gotten a hand written note saying thank you for your order on any my receipts from any other company. You guys are really top of the line and I can\’t wait to use my materials. Thank you guys I will definitely be bragging about your website.”

Josh B.

They catch fish!

“I think this  is my third order from you and I don’t expect anything other than quality from you guys, it’s truly exceptional and they catch fish , I will continue to purchase from FrostyFly and have told friends, etc. about you.

Kind regards Dougie”


Awesome material!

“Just received my first order, awesome material. I’m putting in a second order as I write, trying to checkout. Again thank you!!!!!”

Howard R.

Realistic Golden Stones

Your realistic golden stones let me beat my PB brown trout twice in a row! Absolutely love them!

Liam Wichert


I tied on one of those grasshoppers and cast it into a pool or eddy water…swirled for a few seconds before a big hen chrome crushed it taking me downstream…….was awesome….

Kenneth Dawson

Hemingway’s stonefly wings

I just got finished tying with the new stonefly wings I ordered awhile back and my golden stones look like the real. Thanks for making a great product, this is one of the flies I will be tying at the Salt Lake Expo.

Ken Held

Great product with a wide selection of products for the fly tier and flyfisher. The customer service is great and will take care of your needs.

Ken Held

Quality products excellent service.

Jim Misiura

Love the patterns and how realistic the flies are! I will always stand by this brand because of how well these flies produce fish when nothing else will.

Sylvan Rathfon

Super fast shipping to the USA…..amazing Flys, absolutely realistic.

Matthew S. Hollar

Unbelievable realism

Unbelievable realism to trout!!! I’ve had huge trout fully commit on a Frosty Fly Hopper!! Great products!

Neal Drakage

Great fly’s. The quality of the fly and the material hold up amazing against hard strikes. Great job!

Robert Clark

Amazingly realistic fish bugs

Love all the goodies for building some amazingly realistic fish bugs and really enjoy all of the informative and dare I say, inspirational, tying videos on the website!

Aaron Deaver

Great store if you want to buy flies

Great store if you want to buy flies. They also have materials to make realistic looking flies with ease. Their service is quick and reliable. This is my new go to fly tying internet store.

Patrick D'Antonio

Awesome store!

Awesome Store to buy Material and Fly. Their products are amazing and really easy to use.
I am starting on Fly tying and my friends are impressed with the quality of the fly a have done! The tutorial section on the site is very helpful and well done
The customer service is impeccable and the shipping very fast and reliable !!

Patrick Hudon

Thank you at frosty fly for helping me create this stonefly nymph. Sincerely….Don Rose

Don Rose

Caddis wings

I’ve just tied my first mayfly and I’m really impressed.

I’ve now tied two more mayflies and some caddis using the Hemingway caddis wings. The Hemingway products really are excellent.




Fly tying materials

Just want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you at frosty fly.com. I have had a great time putting together your products. Those I show them to are amazed at the life like appearance. Once again SEASON GREETINGS to all of you and like spock said on star trek. LIVE LONG & PROSPER ……MAXWELL

Maxwell Sharpe

Realistic Ephemera Danica Nymph Body with Tails



Veuillez trouver ci-jointe une photo de mes réalisations de nymphes de danica


Elles sont d’une efficacité redoutable



Richard Courtois

Realistic Firefly

Lightning Bug/Firefly pattern is superb summer fly! The wild trout in the GSMNP think so.. can’t beat the realism of Frosty Fly.

Neal Drakage
Custom Tackle Review

Stonefly nymph

A really nice rainbow I caught on the Frosty Fly Game Golden Stone Fly.

Bob Anderson
FFI Certified Casting Instructor

Horse fly

Had a last minute chance to hit some water again tonight. The fish we’re super picky but the frosty fly flies came they like a champ.

Robert Clark

Stonefly Nymph

Finally got a chance to use some of your flies, they FREGGIN ROCK!!!

Realistic Stonefly Nymph - Trout caught by Navajo Fly Fisher


Realistic hoppers

Just wanted to tell you folks that these hoppers are tearing up the west slope cutthroat of western Montana. They are an easy tie and look so real on the water it is hard for the trout to resist. Pics are of my rendition of your hopper and my rendition of your salmonfly. The salmonfly has also been deadly during that hatch!

Larry Hanson
Missoula, Montana

Stonefly nymph pattern

Thanks for the fly tying materials. Great stuff! I tied up a realistic size 8 black stone. Helped me get this beast!

James L.

Realistic Wasp & Bees

“I received my order of wasps and bees today and am extremely satisfied with the quality and cost per unit. I am finding it difficult to find good foam terrestrials and I am pleased I stumbled across Frosty Fly using a Google search. I usually fish the Bighorn mountains in Wyoming and have discovered that bees and wasps do very well in the warm summer months. They do so well that I usual carry extras for the fishermen and fisherwomen who sometimes accompany me. I am so glad I found a new supplier (Cabela\’s recently stopped carrying foam wasps). Thank You!”

Kevin L.

new client

Hi to all!
Sorry for my spelling, but FLY FISHING IS INTERNATIONAL, I’m French.
My father was a great artist, but with the new materials that I got from FROSTYFLY, I will never be as good as he was but I will be close.

Thanks for the great products and great service on delivery!


Gilles Paulin

Your products

I made hydropsyche larvas with your bodies with hooks. The result is great, to tie them is almost too easy.
I also made several stone fly nymphs. They look spectacular. You have to be very precise to make them.
I used your wings on big dry mayfly. It looks very good.
I still have to use them in the Eastern Siera in California and on Kyll river in Germany.
I hope they catch lot of fish.
I thank you for the beautiful patterns.

Thijs Rutten

Hemingway hook H118

Used these. Wider gap = Hooks that Hookum!

Gordon Outhier

I am new to fly

I am new to fly tying, but have found the quality of the products and the service to be excellent. Will be ordering again.


Beetle LEGS

Trout absolutely shredded this beetle. Didn’t think the legs would make that much of a difference but they did!

Al Bud

Our products & customer service

“I just wanted to say I love your products! Your shipping is faster coming from Canada than if it would ship to me from the USA and I live here!!! Thanks for the great products and customer service!!!”

Ryan R.

Our Product Selection

Thank You !! You offer products like no other fly tying material supplier. I will order more products again in the near future.”

John S.

Hemingway’s Stonefly Nymph Buds & Back

“Got some stonefly backs and buds and started working with them. This is my MK. 1 Skwala nymph still working on improving it. Frosty fly products have not let me down yet great stuff looking forward to using some of their other products and add photos here.”

Ken Held's Skwala Stonefly Nymph

Ken Held
Frosty Fly Pro Staff

Hemingway’s CDC Feathers

“Just wanted to send you this picture of a nice rainbow I caught with an October caddis pattern I tied with your Hemingway CDC feathers for wings.

Thanks for excellent fly tying materials.”

Joseph Whalen

Our Products

“Your products are amazing. Thanks!”

Kevin I.

Our Service

“Thank you for expediting my order; I received it yesterday!  Great Service!…Thanks again for your quick service!”

Bob A.

Frosty Fly

“Great store if you want to buy flies. They also have materials to make realistic looking flies with ease. Their service is quick and reliable. This is my new go to fly tying internet store.”

Patrick D'Antonio

Our Flies

“Thank you Frosty Flies!

I would just like to thank your company for selling such great flies!! I’ve been fly fishing for twenty five years. This is the honest truth. I got up early eager to fish with my new batch of flies and decided to use a sanjuan worm with your pupa as a dropper.. I hike to my favorite fishing spot on the South Platte river in Colorado and on my 15th cast I hook the largest trout I’ve ever caught in that river on your pupa!!! 5lbs 24inches 3inches wide!! On the 15th cast!! Needless to say, I am still in shock!  So thank you for your great flies!!”


Realistic Caddis Pupa - Light Green


John C.

Hemingway’s Tube Body Mayfly

“Started using these bodies last year for Green Drake and Hexagenia patterns easy to work with and very realistic I use a marker to color them to suit look I want and sometimes use a Partridge K10 Yorkshire Fly Hook (extended body) the body is hollow so it just slides over the extension, which helps maintain the profile and makes the fly more durable.”

Tube Body Mayfly - Rzav River

Paul H.

Hemingway’s Caddis Wings

“Have been tying caddis patterns over the winter to stock up as I go through a lot of them. These wings are great, unlike the mayfly wings they peel off easily, no cutting required and are easy to tie on, giving a very realistic pattern. I used to use turkey wing segments sprayed with a lacquer but after a couple of fish these separate and look scraggly, these wings simplifly (pun intended) the tie and will be much more durable.”

Hemigway's Realistic Caddis Wings

Paul H.

Hemingway’s CDC Feathers

“These feathers were exceptional compared to CDC feathers I’ve used in past. I hope this product remains available as long as I tie flies. Would like to see the tan or dun colors in stock.”

Joseph W.

Realistic Cicada Fly

“I ordered one in gold, and it is of excellent quality. I am excited to test it out! I probably will go back and buy the set!”

Realistic Cicada Fly - Gold


Hemingway’s Realistic Mayfly Wings

“I bought these and have used them on several flies. I found them to be easy to work with. My suggestion would be to taper the tabs to a point versus a square point. Sometimes it’s more difficult to wrap the tabs. Once you get them tied in, they are awesome. They make your flies look so realistic and I cannot wait to use them.”

Hemingway's Realistic Mayfly Wings

Hemingway’s Realistic Mayfly Wings

Patrick D.

Our service

“Thanks for the speedy customer service. Received the replacement a couple a days ago. Looking forward for a chance to try out this great looking fly.”

Brooke B.

Our products & service

“Just a quick note to say that the package of materials arrived. Great stuff! Thank you for the quick turn around and the surprise gifts – very much appreciated.”

Pete L.

Our products

“I wanted to tell you that I had received my order. And I’m very satisfied.
Materials are very realistic.  I am going to be able to create beautiful flies. Thanks to your products and for your seriousness.
Thank you again.”


Our flies

“Frosty, got the order.  Flies look great!!!!!!!!!!!”

Shawn F.

Frosty Fly

“…Nice doing business with a company that cares! “

Rocky D.

Our Products

“Thanks for great fly tying materials. I love tying fishable realistic patterns!”

Dan’s Realistic Mayfly Nymph

Dan Herrick

Frosty Fly

“Thanks a bunch! Love what you guy’s are doing with the industry! By far, the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time!”

Josh L.

Hemingway’s Realistic Mayfly Wings

“I would like to say great product, I have your mayfly wings and they are awesome and the fish love them…”

Hemingway's Realistic Mayfly Wings

Dave P.

Hemingway’s Realistic Nymphs

“..The realistic nymphs are so lifelike that they say it looks like it could walk away…”

Hemingway's Realistic Stonefly Nymphs

Joseph Whalen

Realistic Hopper Bodies

“After 10 years of commercial fly tying, I have finally found a product line that supports innovation. These are the most realistic Hopper materials I have had the pleasure of tying with. I can’t wait for hopper season to come so I can watch trout swallow these off the surface. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a few sizes / colors of these and let your creativity run wild.”

Realistic Hopper Bodies - Yellow Brown

Clay Erickson
Frosty Fly Pro Staff

Our Products

“I use your material since a year ago and I try it last summer. They was a good stuff and solid..”
“…I like the Hemingway product then other I was trying.”

Clifford C.

Our Products

“…My first order arrived and was great, tied 40 caddis flies in about 3 hours.”
“…Thanks again for the great products.”

David M.

Hemingway’s Realistic Stonefly Nymph Legs

“…I use the L size on my golden stone adult foam bodies and they are killer!”

Realistic Soft Stonefly Nymph Legs

Larry H.

Our Products

“The Hemingway products are the best!”
“…Thanks for responding. Love your products!”


Steven Willis

Realistic Wasps

“I just received two of your #12 size Realistic Wasp flies, and they are terrific! I plan to purchase several more….Thanks for your wonderful products”

Realistic Wasp Flies


Jeffrey Kidder

Frosty Fly products & service

“Thank you for excellent products and service. I have been a customer now for less than a year but am glad I found your website. I have been a fly fisherman for many years and the flies I tie with Hemingway’s products have impressed many seasoned buddies. I really appreciate the dubbing you sent for me to try. I will be a long term customer.”

Joseph Whalen

Fly Tying Materials

“Love all the goodies for building some amazingly realistic fish bugs and really enjoy all of the informative and dare I say, inspirational, tying videos on the website!”

FrostyFly Realistic Wasp Wings

Aaron Deaver

Realistic Flies

“I tested these flies out throughout the summer months. When I first looked at them, I was impressed by their realistic appearance, but was skeptical about the floatability of the dry flies. The minute I put the flies on the water, the concern vanished. They float. I fish a few streams that get pounded hard and these flies worked extremely well for educated and finicky trout.”

Review by Derek Bird, Founding Editor
Fly Fusion Magazine, Fall 2015

See the article here.

Hemingway's Realistic Mayfly Dry Flies

Derek Bird
Fly Fusion Magazine

Hemingway’s Trout Landing Net

“Generally speaking, fly anglers want functional products that are also aesthetically pleasing. The Trout Landing Net by Hemingway’s hits the bill for both. The net is made of soft nylon so the creation takes into consideration the conservation of the fish. More than that, the finish applied to the handle indicates a pride of workmanship and a commitment to detail. The hand-crafted nets are made from Padauk and Walnut and would look good beside the bamboo rod on the wall in the study during the offseason.”

Review by Derek Bird, Founding Editor
Fly Fusion Magazine, Summer 2015

See the article here.

Trout Landing Net

Derek Bird
Fly Fusion Magazine

Tenkara Rod Petz

“Amazing rod at an affordable price! I have tried out a few different tenkara rods and owned one from a generic manufacturer before getting my hands on the Hemingways Petz rod. This rod puts them all to shame. The petz rod has a beautiful feel in hand, casts as smooth as butter yet has enough back bone to handle bigger fish. Great value, great quality and finally a company that is bringing this simple and deadly method of fishing to Canadian fly fisherman and women!”

Tenkara Rod Petz

Corey Cabral
Frosty Fly Pro Staff

Realistic Flies – STONEFLY NYMPH – Set of 6 Flies – 2 Colors, 3 Hook Sizes

“Wow to the realism of these stoneflies! Can’t wait to try these nymphs on two specific rivers that thrive in stoneflies in particular… the Piedra River in Colorado (brown stoneflies), and Rock Creek in Montana (yellow stoneflies). Should be a rodeo.”

Hemingway's Realistic Stonefly Nymph Set - Tan & Dark

Wichita from Durango, CO

Skagit River Solid Walnut Wooden Streamer Fly Box

“Awesome little fly box, well crafted.”

Skagit River Solid Walnut Wooden Streamer Fly Box


Maruto Dry Fly Hooks – Barbless, Fine Wire, Black Nickel – d04

“I have used countless brands of barbless competition hooks over the last year and must say that the Maruto brand barbless dry fly hooks are on par with some of the big names in the industry at a fraction of the price. Also with most other brands of competition style hooks I expect to find 1-2 warped or miss formed hooks in a package, out of the entire shipment of Maruto hooks, around 150 hooks, I did not find a single hook that could not be used, very good quality control.”

Maruto dry fly hook barbless d04

Corey Cabral
Frosty Fly Pro Staff

Maruto Carp Fly Hooks – Barbed, Reversed, Black Nickel – 8832-SSC+CP

Very interesting hook. Very solid and strong and offset to the side which in my experience results in better hook ups. I can see this hooking working excellently as a trailer on an intruder of steelhead stinger style pattern.

Corey Cabral
Frosty Fly Pro Staff

Frosty Fly

“…I just wanted to say thank you, and that it has been a pleasure working with. Very prompt and very personable…”

Mike Lucas

Mayfly Tube Bodies

“I purchased a few packages of these tube bodies in different sizes and colors and have recently been playing with them. They make tying realistic looking extended dry fly bodies a breeze. Nice selection of colors and sizes, and easy to use.”

Tube Body Mayfly - Light Yellow

Corey Cabral
Frosty Fly Pro Staff

Hemingway’s Wings & Tube Bodies

“For any of you out there that have NOT tried the Hemingway’s from Frosty Fly, you are really missing out. The wings they offer are second to none and as soon as I get back home I will be ordering Mayfly wings and bodies. Try some and fall in love with making realistic winged bodies all over again.”

Hemingway's Realistic Mayfly Wings  Tube Body - Mayfly - Large - Cream Orange 2



Bill Ryan

Tube Fly System – Outer Tube

“I grabbed a few packages of the Tube Fly System – Outer Tube at the local fly shop and have been playing around with them for tube flies over the last few days. Easy to cut, durable, nice melt when finishing the fly and great colors. Matched with the junction tubing creates some nice tube flies, and is very reasonably priced for what you get, a package can easily tie 4-5 dozen tube flies.”

Hemingway's Tube Fly System - Outer Tube

Corey Cabral
Frosty Fly Pro Staff

Dubbing – Hare Plus UV

“Great Dubbing. With some mixes I find the ratio of guard hairs to underfur very inconsistent. With the Hares Ear Plus ever mix I have used has been very consistent and ties some very buggy and good looking flies. The UV is subtle but adds a nice attractant quality to flies tied with it.”

Dubbing - Hare Plus UV -  Insect Green

Corey Cabral
Frosty Fly Pro Staff

Realistic Stonefly Nymph Wing Buds & Back

“Before using this product I absolutely hated tying stone flies. Fiddling around with turkey tail wing cases drove me nuts and made me dread sitting down to fill my boxes. With the Hemingway’s Realistic stonefly buds and backs I no longer have any problem sitting down to tie a dozen nymphs to stock my boxes for trout and steelhead. These buds and backs are easy to use, durable and really make the fly pop and look amazing.”

Corey's Spring Fly Fishing Prep Photo 5

Corey Cabral
Frosty Fly Pro Staff

Hemingway’s Realistic Flies

“Actually pretty easy to tie!”

Hemingway's Realistic Mayfly Set - Dark & Yellow 2

Mity Joe

Hemingway’s Realistic Flies

“Guys (and Ladies), if you have not tried Hemingways you need to do so. Beautiful, quick, and easy……..did I say beautiful?”

Hemigway's Realistic Caddis Wings

Bill Ryan

Hemingway’s Products

“..yesss sa c un de mes meilleur..”

Emmanuel Berger

FrostyFly Products

“Hello FrostyFly,

         First, I would like to tell you that you have great products. There amazing. I have purchased them in the past and have just made another order a few minutes ago. I am going to pass your company name and info onto a local sports shop which is where I buy most of my tying supplies. I am sure that he will be impressed, as much as I am. It is great to see a Canadian company offering such good quality tying and  fly fishing products. Keep up the good work.”

Ross Hall
Musquash, NB

Stonefly Nymph

“I like your products. I went last Sunday to fish and I caught two salmon with stonefly…I was very happy… one of my friends fisherman also caught two salmon with stonefly bought of me … then it is a proof that the Hemingway products are very good, they are magic …”

Hemingway's Realistic Stonefly Nymph Set - Tan & Dark




Gerard Germain
Gerryfish Sport


“…I received the package. Woooow. The shipping is very fast. Thank’s. The flies are beautiful. I am very happy with your products. It is of very good quality…”

Gerard Germain
Gerryfish Sport

All Round Dubbing

“…tied a couple of green caddis flies with the middle olive all round dubbing. It took a little getting used to tying small flies since all I’ve been tying recently is big saltwater flies but your dubbing is really nice to work with and the color looks really natural, I can’t wait for the season to start so I can fish them.”

Ted Cassar

Mayfly & Caddis Wings

Those mayfly and caddis wings are awesome!”

Hemingway's Realistic Mayfly Wings - 2 Pairs - Front & Back Wings

Rob Cesta

Realistic Wings

“I love the Hemingway wings!”

Hemingway's Realistic Mayfly Wings

Larry Bendall

FrostyFly Products

“Will assuredly be returning to shop with you folks. Fine stuff you carry indeed!”

Bob Cecil

Tenkara Landing Net Small

“I love your Small Tenkara Landing Net!

Not only made with very good craftsmanship, but the curved Tenkara handle design allows for nestling in the hand and then allow then for a special, secure “flick” of the wrist to dip up trout (best is tail first; then the mouth is available better for fly removal).

Having literally 100’s of spring creeks here in Southern Wisconsin, USA, I have found that for large trout a net is not needed. Large trout have to be played well, until basically almost exhausted, and most often we here in spring-creek county “beach” them on a weed bed. And then we have to rest them and resuscitate them with a back-and-forth motion to get them to swim off safe and well.

But anglers most certainly need a net like your Small Tenkara Net for smaller trout (10-15 inches/25-40 cm), The size of trout we fly anglers catch the most.

For trout in this range (25-40 cm), we can enjoy their fight for a while, and then we can (because of tippet strengths today) and we must bring them in. But they still have some fight left in them, splash a lot, and are hard to get a hand on. And, most important, the angler can not grab them without hurting them (their internal organs). So a small net, with a shallow bag net will work best. And it will get a lot of service.

Your Small Tenkara Landing Net perfectly solves this problem for the size of trout that fly fishers catch most often. And the price is very reasonable, for the fine craftsmanship one gets.

Thanks for making/marketing/selling such a great net. I’m already telling friends about it!

Good Angling”

Dennis Franke
Dennis Franke Flyrods – Liteline Graphite Flyrod Designs

Tenkara Curve Small Landing Net

Dennis Franke
Dennis Franke Flyrods – Liteline Graphite Flyrod Designs

Magnetic Net Release

“The prosaic name gives this away, without that I have a couple of cord loops and a small wooden oval – pull on the loops and you find powerful wee magnets holding the halves firmly together. Loop one end to a net, the other to a ring on a jacket, bag, pack, waders or waistcoat. When you finally hook a fish which needs a net – pull firmly and the net comes free – deal with your trophy, then wave the net in the general direction of the loop when the magnetic half is attached and the two halves ‘thunk’ together.

I have a wooden framed net I wear on my back. One side of this holder loops to the D-ring on the back of my wading jacket, the other to the front lip of my net. The handle of my net is now conveniently at the small of my back; it’s easy to grab my net and almost as easy to put it back.

This comes from a small range of gear for tenkara fishing, so this looks lower tech, dark Padouk wood and soft cord, hiding the strong little rare-earth magnets which do the work.”

Review by Magnus Angus
Tackle Bag, Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine (UK), June 2013

Read the full article in pdf format here or online here.

Magnet Net Release

Magnus Angus
Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine

Stonefly Nymph

“…They produce a range of printed nymph backs and wing buds along with matching silicone rubber legs for tying semi-realistic stonefly nymphs. The backs and buds are pre cut from waterproof, UV resistant material with a self-adhesive backing, and come  printed with realistic stonefly nymph colouration. The matching legs are molded from silicone rubber, soft enough to provide any resistance to the fish but still resilient enough to handle any rough and tumble of a mountain stream and the teeth of its occupants.

These components are available in three sizes – small, medium and large – and in a range of colors covering everything from pale yellow through to black.

For a simple semi-realistic nymph, start by adding some weight to the hook shank and laying down a base of thread; finish with a couple of turns of thread to form a small lump as this helps the goose biots splay out when tied down against it. Tie in the goose biots to represent the tail cerci and add a length of clear monofilament. Measure where your set of legs will sit and tie in the back end before dubbing the rear of the fly. Place a nymph back over the dubbing and rib over with the monofilament to hold it down: although the backing is self adhesive, in reality it is not strong enough to stay in place by itself.

Add a couple more biots, one either side of the hook to represent antennae, then the matching nymph bud is tied upside down and facing forward over the hook eye ready to be folded back later.

Dub a plump body and bring the legs forward underneath and tie off behind the hook eye. Finally the wing bud is folded back over the top and secured with several wraps behind the head section and first pair of legs, before a whip finish behind the second section and second pair of legs.

Printed body parts and rubber legs may not be everyone’s idea of traditional fly tying materials, but the end result is hard to argue with. At the very least you have a talking point when others sneak a peak into your fly box, and it gives you another useful option when the trout in your favourite stream refuses to play ball.”

Review by Peter Watson
Watson’s Fancy, Fly Life Magazine (AU), Issue 70, Summer 2013

Read the full article and Peter’s stonefly nymph recipe here.

Featured image © Copyright FlyLife Publishing
FlyLife's Stonefly
Peter Watson
Fly Life Magazine

Tenkara Gear

“This represents a pair of Hemingway’s outfits, more or less complete with rod, line, flies, net and sling/pack – all the essentials to get started with tenkara fishing. Faced with the pieces I found it very easy to join them into a useable fishing outfit. The rod is telescopic with a knotted nylon cord at the tip. Simply loop the ‘tapered leader’ to the butt of the cord, attach a tippet at the fine end, tie on a fly, and that’s it. Nothing unusual or unconventional, or, indeed, new. If you want to read a little of the history of this type of fly fishing in the UK, in fact in Scotland, I suggest you search the internet for the book, The Angler and the Loop-Rod by David Webster, I believe published in 1885 (Amazon lists an edition published in 2008).

This is a way of fishing which appeals to me. Way back when the fly-fishing bug had yet to bite me, one of the attractions of fly fishing was a sense of elegant, mobile simplicity. The fly fisher, walking and watching, occasionally flicking the water with a fly, while the bait fisher sits and waits and the spin fisher works his lure through the pool again and again. This was back before we had any need for fly reels with a dozen spare spools and tackle bags the size of Cumbria.

The line fitted to the long tenkara rod is not really a ‘tapered leader’. For sure it is tapered but it is much better described as the Casting Line – not a new term, ask Webster. Casting the tenkara outfit I am clearly casting conventionally. The rod loads and unloads against the line (incidentally, we can and do load, i.e. bend, a fly rod against its own inertia). As a compulsive hauler my non-rod hand really wants something to do while my right hand is casting, so this certainly feels different. My casting range is limited to the length of my line and rod – slightly over 7m with this outfit. I can use, actually fish, in quite a lot of river at that range. This rod is 3.3m long and not as soft as I expected, overhead casting is fine, I’d like a slightly longer line if I’m to be roll casting more. As I got used to this outfit, maybe I imagined it, but the simplicity seemed to bring a sense of calm; this gear gets rid of so many choices and variables I guess that is understandable.

…The net looks nice and the rod seems well made…”

Review by Magnus Angus
Tackle Bag, Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine (UK), June 2013

Read the full article in pdf format here or online here.


Tenkara Rod PetzTenkara Sling Pack, Chest Pack and Rod TubeTenkara Curve Small Landing Net

Magnus Angus
Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine

Frosty Dubbing

“Frosty Dubbing all one type of fibre; curious stuff. Frosty looks translucent until you turn it and it seems to gleam. I guess this has a flashier side or angle to the fibre, but whatever it is that does it the effect is pleasing and prevents this becoming brash or harsh.

From the pack the fibres are a fairly long staple. That can twist onto a thread but it suits other dubbing methods more, which is fine in a loop or rolled into a noodle and caught in by the tip and twisted. For a shorter staple tear a pinch of Frosty Dubbing, the fibres can be ripped shorter – which creates more ends and more spike. A fairly fine soft synthetic dubbing, I’d use this for wet flies and streamers of one sort or another.”

Review by Magnus Angus
On the Bench, Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine (UK), May 2013

Read the full article in pdf format here or online here.

Dubbing - Frosty - Yellow


Magnus Angus
Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine

Beaver Dubbing Plus

“Beaver Dubbing Plus  blends beaver with a “touch of superfine sparkling Antron”. Again, the main constituent in the mix is a natural under-fur. Beaver, like muskrat, has a very fine dense under-fur which does a fine job on dries. Personally, I think it’s the fine texture of the hair, which suits beaver to dries and small, sleek flies, more than its ability to float a fly. The fine Antron is well mixed into the blend, even a small tuft of dubbing has some in there. Again the natural under-fur binds the dubbing, holding the mix together. This dubs a tight, slim fly, I’d use it on smaller flies and of course on dries – but in my opinion it needs to be treated with a floatant.”

Review by Magnus Angus
On the Bench, Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine (UK), May 2013

Read the full article in pdf format here or online here.

Beaver Plus Dubbing - Light Olive

Magnus Angus
Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine

UV Hare Dubbing Plus

“Three quite different dubbings here – two blend, one pure synthetic – and all three seem like well prepared dubbings. 

UV Hare Dubbing Plus blends hare with “fine sparking Antron and UV ice dubbing”. Actually, the pack says, “hare’s ear guard hairs” but this has a high proportion of under-fur in the mix and is certainly not from the ear of any type of hare I’ve handled.

The staple lengths vary, seems like the hare is shorter than the synthetics, I can see plenty guard fibre in the mix, which is being held together by under-fur. Very well blended, exceptionally easy to twist onto a thread. The fibres in this mix absorb water quickly so this is an obvious choice for nymphs and sub-surface flies, the range of colours listed on the pack fit that idea.”

Review by Magnus Angus

On the Bench, Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine (UK), May 2013

Read the full article in pdf format here or online here.

Dubbing - Hare Plus UV - Natural Dark

Magnus Angus
Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine

Hemingway’s Realistic Wings

“Wings? You want wings? We have wings! There are three types here: May Fly, Caddis and Stone Fly. All are made in the same way – a pre-cut shape on a backing sheet, all printed with details that suggest the natural wing. May Fly and Caddis come as pairs, Stone Fly as two separate wings. All have a matt surface facing out and gloss on the side in contact with the backing card.

These are made from tough stuff, too. I can stretch it until it breaks, and it’s difficult to cut with thread. These look like stiff wings but this is actually quite supple plastic. It’s difficult to explain what I’m getting at here, but the texture of this plastic seems to work well; they hold position or posture well but are ‘squashy’: easily gulped by a trout.

These are not just copies of wings the shapes have been thought out for tying. What I mean is I could simply tie over the narrow point where the May Fly wing pairs meet; I can but I don’t have to, because I can tie down the wee tabs on either side of that narrow strip. Similarly, both the Caddis and Stone Fly have short level stumps or stubs where I want to tie them in. Tying in the tabs and stumps takes a minute or two of practice, but it’s not hard and the wings are resilient so if they roll around or otherwise misbehave just remove the thread and start over.

I found sizing slightly problematic. I guess that comes from the styles of flies I tie and being more used to tying with natural materials. When I come to proportion a fly I work to the hook: the tail, body, wing and hackle are all sized using the hook as my reference. By contrast, these wings are precisely pre-cut and I’d rather not start butchering them, so do I have to find a hook the right size for the wing? I was sent medium-sized wings – the photograph shows a pair mounted on a #10 Fine Dry Fly G-Point. It looks big to my eye, and I regard #10 as a fairly large dry fly hook.

No, I don’t need bigger hooks. In fact, that approach really misses the point and purpose of these wings. Far from needing something bigger than that #10, I should probably use a smaller, or at least shorter hook, and fit a detached body. The point being, these materials come from a different mind-set and way of tying. Some of my old habits, using the hook as my reference adjusting proportions to suit, will have to go if I am going to get the most from these.

OK, so how do I size flies tied with these wings? How do I fit the parts together? I suppose I could get medium wings and medium detached bodies and just fit the two together – but again that misses the point. These are designed to be used with the insect, the natural bug, as the reference. If I know the rough length and colour of a dun’s body and the height of its wings I can fairly quickly choose a suitable detached tube body and wing pair.

Contrast that with our traditional methods of tying flies – give me the dressing notes for an Adam’s or a Lunn’s or a Kite’s Imperial and frankly I can tie a decent version of that artificial fly without having the least inkling what a natural fly looks like. If fact, we can take that further, so for example, flies like Greenwell’s Glory, have taken on a life of their own – the debate over the original tying and the challenge of finding that exact ‘real’ Greenwell cape, whatever that means. None of those debates or challenges, interesting though they might be, has the least hint of anything to do with entomology.

It strikes me that Hemingway’s wings and tube bodies (featured in a previous On the Bench) are part of a move away from that older type thinking and tying. Oh, and they make a pretty neat fishing fly, too!”

Review by Magnus Angus
On the Bench, Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine (UK), 2013

Read the full article here.

Realistic Mayfly Wings – Gray - LargeRealistic Caddis Wings – Brown - Extra LargeRealistic Stonefly Wings – Dark - Small

Magnus Angus
Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine

Furled Leader – Grayling

“Hemingway’s Grayling leader uses fine monofilament nylon as the raw material. As with ‘laid’ ropes, once the furl is twisted together the ends need to be finished in some way to prevent them fraying. Hemingway’s has opted to loop both ends which does the job well and suits most fly fishers – it lets me loop onto the fly line and to my tippet.

So why use a furled leader? Why not simply use a single filament of tapered nylon? Well, suppleness certainly counts – a furled nylon leader is more supple than a simple tapered nylon leader.

Why use a tapered leader at all? Tapered leaders continue the job the taper at the tip of my fly line started. They make a smoother transition from thick, heavy line to fine, light tippet. Try casting a level fly line, no front taper, attached to a length of fine tippet, the loop forms in the fly line as normal but when the loop reaches the tip of the line it has nowhere to pass its momentum on to (thin tippet has insignificant mass) and the tip of the fly line kicks over – the tippet may straighten but more likely the tip of the fly-line will tug the tippet back so the leader lands in a tangled heap. Now try a fly line with a well designed front-taper and a tapered leader. The loop continues through the line, into the leader.

That’s the theory, and in practice it worked well with this leader. Listed as a grayling leader, I looped this to #5 and then #4 lines, and the Hemingway’s Furl seemed to me to prolong the loop and turn-over sweetly. This is a long leader (12ft) and I found myself a little hesitant about adding much more than 3ft of tippet but I’m sure as I got more confident with it I could cope with a longer tippet.

It is rather pleasing that this leader seemed to sit in the water surface more than on, where I would expect a mono taper to sit/float. I assume that was caused by the twisted surface of the furl. Mud sinkant sticks to the twisted nylon very easily indeed and took it though the surface film with ease. Although this leader turned over straight it does seem to want to relax into a slight zig-zag, I guess that’s because of the twisting but it is slight and, given I want a little slack between me and the fly, seemed very acceptable.

Furled leaders are initially expensive but with care they last, just replace the tippet regularly. Easily added or removed, casts well, fishes well.”

Review by Magnus Angus
On the Bench, Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine (UK), 2013

Read the full article here.

Furled Leader Grayling


Magnus Angus
Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine

Tube Bodies

“…Tube Body’s are made from long dubbing fibre wound around a mandrel (often a needle of some sort) cemented and removed from the former. These tubes are tough so they can withstand casting, how they stand up to a few fish chewing on them is down to the fish and a little luck.

On a short-shank or curved hook, with a little dubbing and a turn of two of CdC at the thorax, Tube Body’s make for quick tying and a near-realistic artificial fishing fly. The fibre used to make these seems to accept felt pen easily, so those of a realistic bent can shade and segment them easily enough. Tube Bodys are longer than thorax of the insects they are used to represent, so should be tied in at the desired length.

Looking at the Small Mayfly the taper and diameter of these is about right for medium sized up-winged flies. Large size Mayfly Tube Bodys are really aiming at Mayfly (E. danica) and Green Drake, so although useful for those hatches are less useful overall. Stimulator, Hopper, Caddis and the like all have applications – caddis, crickets, daddy longlegs, etc.

This type of pre-formed body has been about for some time and the result can be excellent…”

Review by Magnus Angus
On the Bench, Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine (UK), 2013

Read the full article here.

Tube Body - Hoppers - Orange

Stimulator Fly - Tube Body - Yellow FluoTube Body Mayfly - Cream Orange


Magnus Angus
Fly FIshing & Fly Tying Magazine

CDC Feathers

“…Feathers from both packs seem to be in first class condition. Plume sizes vary from tiny and hardly useful to large (for CdC), larger than typical mallard CdC. The really tiny feathers mean there will be some waste from a pack, but not a lot. The vast majority of the feathers are of fly tying size.

Because these feathers have not visited a dye-bath they are fluffy and slightly oily – exactly the way CdC should be (those delicate barbules and natural oils are what make CdC float so washing, dyeing and even handling can damage CdC – natural is good!)

Given feather size, quality and quantity the pack price seems reasonable…”

Review by Magnus Angus
On the Bench, Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine (UK), 2013

Read the full article here.

CDC Feathers - Light Gray

Magnus Angus
Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine