What others have said about us & our products. Some of the comments, testimonials & reviews about the products we carry and the service we provide. The support & input that we receive from our customers & our business partners drive us forward. Thank you!

Ordered three packs of rubber stone fly legs for a tying contest I’m entering. They arrived within a week along with a FREE pack of stonefly bodies. Thank you so much for the bodies, can’t wait to fish my new patterns.
Tim – Denver, Colorado USA


Ordered from Scotland.flies arrived within 2 weeks and they look amazing can’t wait to test them.
Thank you I will order the whole collection.


I’ve been wanting to buy this particular vice for a few years now and finally decided to pull the trigger and buy it from Frosty Fly. I have to say this vice is next level and of high quality. With three different attachments making changing from Rotary In-Line Vise, Streamer Vise to a Tube-Flies Vice extremely easy and just a click away. The base is heavy and keeps the vice in place when tying big flys such as streamer and has a tool caddie and material wells to place hook and beads for your convenience. The support cradle arm or bobbin support arm is sturdy and also has an attachment clip when tying parachute flys. I’m looking forward to also obtaining the Stonfo Profile Plate, Waste Bin and Magnifying Glass in the near future. I’ve recently only been tying on the particular vice and can’t speak highly enough about it. If you’re a serious fly tyer, this is a must have vice for your arsenal. Shane Schuster

Shane Schuster
Dirty Rig Fly Co

Just received my second Frosty Fly Order today! The Fly Selections are Really Nice and suited for the Beaverkill and Willowemoc Streams of where I live, New York State Catskill Region! These selections more than cover any Stonefly, Nymph, or Caddis fly patterns one would want! The Ants, Grasshoppers and Hellgrammite patterns will work during the later months to follow! As I stated on a previous order, I’m Very Satisfied with the Realistic Selections offered and would encourage other Fly Fishing Individuals to supplement their fly boxes, comprised of their own hand-tied flies, with these select, Frosty Fly Realistic Fly Selections as well!

Best Regards,


Just received my Frosty Fly Order in the mail! Very Nice Flies! Keep Up the Great Work! These Realistic Flies are Superb! The Selections/Collections are Very Well Done! Packaging Included! Nice! I will Most Probably Order a Selection or two at the end of this month! I’m wanting more Stoneflies!
Thanks, Boris and the guys!

Best Regards,


I just ordered a thick load of mayfly bodies and crane legs and honestly, I’m in love. You don’t understand how thankful I have to not have to tie tube bodies anymore. Especially as a commercial tier that’s gonna have to pump out mayfly soon 😂💀You’ll be getting business from me again very soon


Thanks for the quick service and the flies look GREAT.

Stanley B.

Love all the goodies for building some amazingly realistic fish bugs and really enjoy all of the informative and dare I say, inspirational, tying videos on the website!

Aaron Deaver

I have not had a chance to use the #8, Realistic Hopper flies as of yet, but boy do the Tan and Green models look realistic. I think I could have included either of them in my required, high school Freshman Biology insect project, and would have gotten away with it. More to follow once I get a chance to actually use them.

Mark Gustafson

Awesome , on time delivery, good stuff .

Donnie Arsenault
Frosty Fly

Got mine and it is awesome. No more not being able to tie on # 22 flies!

MagniFly Fly Fishing Clip-on 3X Magnifier

Steve Popson

I really like the flies and have had a chance to go to the river… The brown stone and them flies seem to work the best, at least on that particular day…

Randy K.

Greetings from Russia! Great store! A good necessary product for tying flies, adequate prices! I have already made 3 orders, everything is fine! Need to replenish the stock of Catgut Biothread size S, waiting for the replenishment!

Greetings from Russia!

Great looking tool, fast service. Thanx.

Jeff Arns

MagniFly Fly Fishing Clip-on 3X Magnifier

Second time customer, great products! Keep up the good work.

Bruce Howard

Could not be happier!!! I just wanted to say a very heartfelt thank you. Your company was fast in shipping of products and they are fantastic products. They are easy to work with and make a beautiful end result. I have recommended you to all of my friends and family who tie flies. THANK YOU so very much

Cody Lax

I loved the realistic bumblebee flys. I am an artist that likes to use mixed media. I painted a dahlia flower and used vintage scrabble tiles to write out FLIGHT IF THE BUMBLEBEE. The Frosty bumblebees were used in flight through the tiles and two landed on the flower. One on a petal and one in the center. One of my friends thought a real bee was on my painting! Thank you Frosty fly for helping me complete my vision!!!

Carolyn Faulkner

Caddis Pupa tied with black Virtual Nymph Skin. Hope you guys like. Shane Schuster, Pro Team at Frosty Fly.

Shane Schuster
Dirty Rig Fly Co

I absolutely love and recommend the Virtual Nymph Skin material from Frosty Fly. It’s great for Caddis Pupa, Worms and Stone Flies. It makes very realistic bodies and takes your fly tying to the next level. Check them out and buy them all, the applications are limitless.

Shane Schuster
Dirty Rig Fly Co

I’ve landed really nice catches this season thanks to your amazing realistic materials! 🎣💪🏻




I use bees and wasps in the summer in the high country of the Big Horn Mountains and I am never disappointed and rarely out fished. The brookies and browns can’t resist a juicy bee.

Kevin Lewis
Bighorn Mountains

Another brute! Thanks for producing some awesome materials!

Jesse Luke

Another @frostyflyfishing stonefly body doing the job. I’m taking 85% of my mountain cutties on this fly with exceptional durability.

Steve Price @sprice7m

Guys and Gals out there, I highly recommend these products. It made tying a very realistic pattern easy. I like the fact that the Buds and Backs have a little tabs and adhesive to help with tying in. Also the 3D effect it gives with a little UV resin on top, really makes them pop. I also enjoyed the Stone fly nymph legs. Very easy to tie in and adds to the realism of the over all tie. Check them out people…

Shane Schuster
Dirty Rig Fly Co

I just wanted to say a very heartfelt thank you. Your company was fast in shipping of products and they are fantastic products. They are easy to work with and make a beautiful end result.  I have recommended you to all of my friends and family who tie flies.

THANK YOU so very much

Cody Lax

I have fallen in love with these products!! Easy to work with. They make fantastic flies, can not wait to fish them.

‎Cody Lax‎

Caught this bruiser on a little grey nymph that I picked up from you guys. Pretty much everything I have gotten from you has worked great!Stonefly Nymph - Cameron's catch

‎Cameron L Bryant‎

Thank you very much for a very speedy delivery. The products are fantastic, I am very pleased. I look forward to ordering from you guys in the near future!! Cheers and tight lines 😎

Aaron H.

I’m impressed with this thread! Didn’t even know Hemingway’s made thread!

Hemingway's Standard Thread - Green Yellow

Eric Blackshear

Oh, I got my Renomed scissors last week from you guys and I have to say, they are incredible. Beautiful, super light and insanely sharp. It’s a crazy difference to trim a little deer hair just to see…..the Renomed just sliced right through it, so smoothly. The only thing I’d change is larger finger loops but they are great as is.

Wow, just wow.

Thanks for the fast shipping!

Renomed FS3 Medium Straight Scissors 11cm

Eric B.

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