Dubbing Dispensers

Hemingway’s Dubbing Dispensers

Quality, Convenience and Value in Handy Containers!

Hemingway’s dubbing dispensers are one of those essentials each fly tyer should have in their fly tying arsenal. Hemingway’s dubbing is world-known for its quality and versatility and highly valued by top tyers. Now, it is available conveniently packed in one of these handy, practical boxes.  These dubbing dispensers are super light 12-compartmental blocks. They are great space savers and neat dubbing organizers. The box itself has been designed with side-openings and it provides easy access to dubbing from both sides. It gives you more precision so you can pull just the right amount of material at the time. Re-filling the compartments is easy – simply push the dab of dubbing inside with a pointy tool or a pen.
These dispensers keep your work bench clean and tidy. Having your favorite dubbing organized this way makes fly tying so much easier and eliminates the unnecessary time spent searching for dubbing shades. These boxes are absolutely essential when traveling – they enable you to carry your favorite dubbing collections in a tidy and compact container. Choose from the most popular Hemingway’s dubbing blends.

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