Chenille and Yarn

High-Quality Fly Tying Chenille and Yarn

Chenille is a versatile and textured material that adds both visual appeal and practical functionality to your fly tying creations. Renowned for its softness, durability, and vibrant colors, chenille is an excellent choice for tying lifelike and effective fly patterns. Whether you’re a seasoned fly tying expert or just beginning your journey, our Soldarini chenille collection offers a range of options to suit your needs:
Egg’s Chenille is perfect for easy and effective egg and blob fly imitations. If you want enhanced visibility, choose its variation – UV Egg’s Chenille, featuring UV reflective fibers. For tying vibrant and spiky egg flies, your best choice is the Neon Spikes Egg’s Chenille. For great-looking blob flies, egg flies, or smaller streamers, go for Neon Straggle Fritz with flashy neon fibers or a fluffy and shiny Neon Block – both materials will add an attractive lighting effect to your flies. For tying effective mop flies, choose Mop Chenille, its thinner version – the Mini Mop, or the Tiger Mop version with stripes, for a more realistic look. For highly effective worm imitations, choose Wormstasy UV Chenille – a lightweight chenille that moves effortlessly in water, even in slow currents.

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