Synthetic Quill Dry Fly

Beginner Fly Tying a Synthetic Quill Dry Fly with Jim Misiura

One more of Jim Misiura’s beginner, easy-to-follow recipes – this time a Synthetic Quill Dry Fly – a dry mayfly variation using Hemingway’s Synthetic Peacock Quills. Thanks, Jim for sharing.


Hemingway's Synthetic Tapered Peacock Quills
Hemingway’s Synthetic Tapered Peacock Quills
Hemingway's CDC Feathers - Natural Dark Gray
CDC Feathers in Natural Dark Gray
Hemingway's Standard Thread - Gray Olive
Hemingway’s 8/0 Thread in Gray Olive
Maruto dry fly hook barbless d04
Maruto d04 Hooks

Try tying this great fly yourself! Give us your comments below. Share photos of your flies or fish caught with this fly on our Facebook page.

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