Euro Nymphs

Double Hot Spot Quill Perdigon Nymph

Euro nymphs are used for Euro Nymphing fly fishing styles. Euro Nymphing is a common name for several nymphing styles that originated in Europe. Due to their effectiveness, these styles are used in competitive fly fishing. There are a few variations: Czech Nymphing, Polish Nymphing, French Nymphing, and Spanish Nymphing, but they all follow some main principles. Euro Nymphing styles can detect strikes with the slightest of movement and typically require longer, sensitive rods. The flies used are very thin and heavy-weight (usually with tungsten beads) so they sink quickly. Spiral or straight mono sighters are used.

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Czech Nymphing and Polish Nymphing are very similar techniques. These are short nymphing styles where no floating fly line is used, only flies with a leader are in the water. Two or three nymph flies of various weights are used. Only level mono or fluorocarbon leader is used. This style requires sensitive fly rods, mostly 10-11 feet long and 2-4 wt. The fishing zone is very close to the fisherman’s position. This promotes better contact with the flies and enables great accuracy. This close-distance fishing is a great choice for faster and deeper waters. In essence, you are fishing below the rod tip, in knee-to-waist deep water.

Spanish Nymphing or dynamic nymphing is playing the nymph to induce the attack. Nymphs used with this style are usually tied with CDC, partridge, hackle, or anything that pulses in the water. Long, sensitive rods are used, typically 10 to 11 feet in length, 3-5 wt, with a medium or slow action.

French Nymphing is long nymphing – fishing with very long leaders, 3 to 4.5 m, some going up to 9 meters long. This style involves fishing at a long distance, usually in shallow waters. The same nymphs are used as for other Euro techniques, but in smaller sizes, #16 to #20, where #16 size is considered big. With French Nymphing, usually, one nymph is used with a long leader. French technique is the most difficult to master. Long, sensitive fly rods are recommended, about 10-11 feet long and in 2-4 wt.

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