Dubbing Brush

Dubbing Brush for Quick and Easy Fly Tying

If you haven’t tried using ready-made dubbing brushes in your fly tying, now is the time to start. You’ll be amazed at how much difference this handy material can make. A dubbing brush is a spiky strand of synthetic and/or natural dubbing material trapped between two strands of either super-fine wire (or a thread) twisted together. They significantly speed up the tying process as they eliminate the time one needs to manually dub the material to the tying thread. This makes tying flies super fast and filling up fly boxes a breeze.

We have selected Hemingway’s fine dubbing brushes for their high quality and effectiveness. These brushes consist of famous Hemingway’s dubbing blends spun over super-fine wires. Having a wire as a base provides a more secure hold to any pattern. The spiky fibers add bulkiness and help create a more uniform look to your flies. They are extra easy to use, make super-effective flies, and will be a great addition to your fly tying arsenal.

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