Fly Floatants

A dry fly floatant is essential when it comes to your success when fishing dry flies. It keeps your fly dry, prevents it from getting soaked, and keeps the fly floating on the surface, emulating the behavior of a real insect. There are different types of fly floatants available and each one works for different situations, preferences, and fishing styles.

Our collection of High N Dry fly floatants brings you the absolute best in performance, quality, and convenience. On top of that, HnD floatants are safe, non-toxic, non-flammable, contain no organic solvents, and are environmentally friendly. Definitely, a new standard when it comes to top-performing fly fishing products! Their floatants provide amazing water-repelling properties to the flies and significantly increase their floatability. Far superior in performance when compared to competitor products, they have been field-tested and approved by over 200 professional guides and fly-fishing enthusiasts.

If you are looking for more precision and want to dress only certain parts of a fly, choose a Gel Fly Floatant, or a Powdered Floatant with Applicator Brush. For all-over coating, and a ‘dip & cast’ method, go for a Liquid Fly Floatant. For maximum convenience, go for the Liquid Spray Floatant. If you prefer a ‘shake and dry’ floatant or you need to revive a fish-slimed or water-logged fly, use Powdered Floatant with Desiccant.

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