Kevin Hospodar's Semi Realistic Mayfly

Kevin Hospodar’s Fly Tying: Semi Realistic Mayfly

Another great fly tying video tutorial coming from Kevin Hospodar – his Semi Realistic Mayfly pattern – a Blue Winged Olive variation featuring a Hemingway’s Mayfly Tube Bodies and Realistic Wings.

This is Kevin’s ‘fly tying for trout’ pattern: “an easy-to-tie extended body mayfly that really looks the part. Realistic fly tying is an intimidating undertaking and the process is not very easy to grasp from idea to completion. But, utilizing a few unique materials you can have a semi-realistic extended body mayfly that catches fish and is durable.”

Definitely give it a try. The results are super-effective and steps easy to follow. Thanks for sharing Kevin.


To tie Kevin Hospodar’s Semi Realistic Mayfly, you need the following:

Tube Body Mayfly - Cream Orange
Tube Body Mayfly – Cream Orange
realistic mayfly wings gray large ljrn5f - FrostyFly
Hemingway’s Realistic Mayfly Wings

Try tying this great fly yourself! Give us your comments below. Share photos of your Semi Realistic Mayfly flies or fish caught with this pattern on our Facebook page.

We absolutely love Kevin’s videos, they are easy to follow, simple and produce some really interesting and innovative patterns. Check them all out on his YouTube channel, subscribe & stay in the loop.

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