Stonfo CDC Feathers Block


  • A practical and innovative tool for feather manipulation.
  • Featuring grooves of varying lengths, this block simplifies the process of folding feathers.
  • Just slide the quill into the right-length groove.
  • Stability is ensured with three anti-skid rubber feet.
  • For added convenience, combine it with the Stonfo Dubbing Loop Clips to enhance your feather-working experience.
  • Made in Italy

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Stonfo CDC Feathers Block

Stonfo’s innovative CDC Feathers Block features grooves of varying lengths, strategically designed for effortless folding of feathers. Simply insert the feather’s quill into the groove of the appropriate length. To enhance stability during use, the block is equipped with three anti-skid rubber feet, ensuring a secure workspace.

For an even smoother tying when working with feathers, we recommend pairing it with our Stonfo Dubbing Loop Clips. Elevate your feather fly tying game with the CDC Feathers Block – because tying flies should be as enjoyable as the final result.



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