Realistic Hopper Bodies

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  • Realistic Hopper Bodies are unique, ready-made fly tying parts that will make your hopper pattern super effective.
  • Authentic appearance, color, size, details, and proportions of real hopper bodies.
  • Made from foam-like material – super light and floatable – resulting in perfect presentation.
  • Extra effective – these bodies make your flies look and float like real hoppers on the water.
  • Durable, high-quality material.
  • Ready-made and easy to tie – simply make a small slit and insert the hook.
  • A perfect complement to Realistic Hopper Legs 3D.
  • 6 bodies per bag.
  • A selection of 8 great colors: Yellow/Brown, Yellow/Black, Tan, Olive, Gray, Yellow, Green, and Pink, and three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.
  • See the Description section below for sizing information, some fly fishing tips, and some fly tying videos featuring this product.
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Realistic Hopper Bodies - Yellow Brown
100-010118SM-01Yellow / BrownSmall US$5.42
Realistic Hopper Bodies - Yellow Brown
100-010118ME-01Yellow / BrownMedium US$5.42
Realistic Hopper Bodies - Yellow Brown
100-010118LG-01Yellow / BrownLarge US$5.42
Realistic Hopper Bodies - Yellow Black
100-010118SM-02Yellow / BlackSmall US$5.42
Realistic Hopper Bodies - Yellow Black
100-010118ME-02Yellow / BlackMedium US$5.42
Realistic Hopper Bodies - Yellow Black
100-010118LG-02Yellow / BlackLarge US$5.42
Realistic Hopper Bodies - Tan
100-010118SM-03TanSmall US$5.42
Realistic Hopper Bodies - Tan
100-010118ME-03TanMedium US$5.42
Realistic Hopper Bodies - Tan
100-010118LG-03TanLarge US$5.42
Realistic Hopper Bodies - Olive
100-010118SM-04OliveSmall US$5.42
Realistic Hopper Bodies - Olive
100-010118ME-04OliveMedium US$5.42
Realistic Hopper Bodies - Olive
100-010118LG-04OliveLarge US$5.42
Realistic Hopper Bodies - Gray
100-010118SM-05GraySmall US$5.42
Realistic Hopper Bodies - Gray
100-010118ME-05GrayMedium US$5.42
Realistic Hopper Bodies - Gray
100-010118LG-05GrayLarge US$5.42
Realistic Hopper Bodies - Yellow
100-010118SM-06YellowSmall US$5.42
Realistic Hopper Bodies - Yellow
100-010118ME-06YellowMedium US$5.42
Realistic Hopper Bodies - Yellow
100-010118LG-06YellowLarge US$5.42
Realistic Hopper Bodies - Green
100-010118SM-07GreenSmall US$5.42
Realistic Hopper Bodies - Green
100-010118ME-07GreenMedium US$5.42
Realistic Hopper Bodies - Green
100-010118LG-07GreenLarge US$5.42
Realistic Hopper Bodies - Pink
100-010118SM-08PinkSmall US$5.42
Realistic Hopper Bodies - Pink
100-010118ME-08PinkMedium US$5.42
Realistic Hopper Bodies - Pink
100-010118LG-08PinkLarge US$5.42

Realistic Hopper Bodies

Realistic Hopper Bodies are genuine replicas of hopper bodies in their appearance, shape, size, and the way they float on the water. Using these fly tying parts in your hopper pattern will add that crucial advantage and make your fly super-effective. These bodies are made of flexible, extra light, foam-like material, making them very floatable. The shape is a true reproduction of a real hopper body shape. The printing and coloring are authentic-looking, down to the little details of the hopper’s head. Realistic Hopper Bodies are water-resistant, extra sturdy, and make very effective hoppers. They are ready-made, simple, and easy to tie. Simply make a small slit with the cutter knife or a razor along the bottom of the body, add some glue (the best are the flexible, gummy kinds), and insert the hook.

To tie that super realistic hopper – use them in combination with Realistic Hopper Legs 3D.

Realistic Hopper Bodies come as 6 bodies per bag. There is a selection of 8 great colors: Yellow/Brown, Yellow/Black, Tan, Olive, Gray, Yellow, Green, and Pink, and three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Small is a good choice for hook sizes #10-12, Medium for hooks #8-10, and Large for hooks #6-8.

(Please note that due to many different types and models of hooks, these hook size recommendations are just rough estimates.)

Hopper Fly Fishing

Hoppers (grasshoppers) are ground-dwelling terrestrials from the order Orthoptera with powerful hind legs that enable them to jump energetically. They are large and bulky insects that often find themselves in the water where they start drowning the instant they hit the water. When in water, they would start vigorously struggling, kicking, and splatting. Accurately imitating these movements of the fly on the water surface can be an imperative part of your presentation. Dead-drift floating with an occasional twitch can produce some ferocious strikes from sizable trout.

Hoppers are ‘big meals’ so they usually bring the largest fish to the ‘table’. Adult hoppers hit their peak activity and reproduction from late June through October, sometimes even into November for some species. Great times for presenting this fly is during warm and breezy midday and afternoon. They are most active on the hottest days of the summer months. At the same time, these are the days when the water temperatures are warmest and water levels are the lowest – the times when even the largest of fish come out for some easy large meal.

Hopper Fishing Tip: When fishing with hopper patterns, throw your fly within a few inches of the water’s edge. Moving a few inches closer to the bank could be crucial when fishing with these flies.

Fly Fishing Terrestrial Flies

Terrestrial insects are land-bred. Some of the species of terrestrials include hoppers (grasshoppers), ants, beetles, bees, crickets, etc.

Terrestrials are one of the essential food sources for trout and other game fish during the summer months. Hot summer months are when the aquatic insects become sparse, the trout is the most active and grows the fastest. This is when terrestrials become their most important food source as a rich source of protein. A terrestrial falling into the water is a great and nutritious meal for fish as these insects are usually bulkier and heavier than aquatic insects and they provide a large calorie intake when the trout need it most.

Terrestrial fly patterns are effective from May till October, and sometimes even into November.

As terrestrials are most active and most likely to fall in the river during the day, the best time to fish these fly patterns is anytime from late morning all the way through the evening. Windy days are best as the wind ‘pushes’ them to the water. Optimal locations to present terrestrial patterns are along cut banks, grassy shorelines, or under big trees – places where fish wait for them – easy meals just dropping in. As these insects will eventually be pulled further into the river – midstream can also be a good place to present your fly.

On smaller streams fish are depending mostly on terrestrials as their food source. Small waters don’t have the high-energy riffles where the aquatic insects spend much of their lifecycles. For fishing small streams – terrestrials are a must.

Be it mid-summer, early fall, or the midst of spring – fishing terrestrial fly patterns can provide top dry-fly action!

Fly tying videos using this product

No-Tie Chartreuse Hopper

For a full list of materials for fly tying a No-Tie Chartreuse Hopper pattern, go here.

Realistic Hopper

For a full list of materials needed to tie a Realistic Hopper pattern, go here.

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14 reviews for Realistic Hopper Bodies

  1. Clay Erickson (verified owner)

    After 10 years of commercial fly tying, I have finally found a product line that supports innovation. These are the most realistic Hopper materials I have had the pleasure of tying with. I can’t wait for hopper season to come so I can watch trout swallow these off the surface. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a few sizes / colors of these and let your creativity run wild.

  2. Larry Hanson (verified owner)

    Just wanted to tell you folks that these hoppers are tearing up the west slope cutthroat of western Montana. They are an easy tie and look so real on the water it is hard for the trout to resist. Pics are of my rendition of your hopper and my rendition of your salmonfly. The salmonfly has also been deadly during that hatch!
    Larry Hanson
    Missoula, Montana

  3. Steven Craig/Classic Fly Fishing Adventures (verified owner)

    These Hopper bodies are fantastic crazy easy to tie with and float like crazy!!!

  4. Dave (verified owner)

    Now on my third year fishing the realistic hoppers. I won’t fish any other hopper ties. Fish rush to these flies, even in still water.

  5. Jwhalen (verified owner)

    Used these hopper bodies and legs with a white post for improved visibility. Worked great and held up well. A very lifelike fly that floats like the real thing.

  6. Mike Saliga

    Excellent , should be like magic to fool the big ones.

  7. Ted (verified owner)

    Hopper bodies and legs look great assembled. How they hold up remains to be seen.

  8. Jp

    Too realistic. I swear I saw one hop away.

  9. Brandon Fobes (verified owner)

    Took these to a fishing expo and they where a huge hit. I ran out of them in the first hour, a killer fly for your box or the shelf

  10. Anglinarcher (verified owner)

    I got some of these bodies and used a tag on top (JWhalen – right on target), with flexible legs (spandex) and they catch fish worthy of a 5 star.

  11. Jeff Kuntz (verified owner)

    Tried the hopper bodies and legs with the hook they recommended drop of super glue, I put a couple wraps of thread your done, good looking and kill the pan fish!!!

  12. Joseph Whalen (verified owner)

    Since these grasshopper bodies became available, I have tied dozens in different sizes and colors. With the same color legs, it looks very realistic. I find that tying a small piece of foam in orange, pink, or red over the top of neck helps see it well in faster water. In August and September out west it’s such an effective fly that your buddies will want to know if you have any extras.

  13. Jon Grosdidier (verified owner)

    Most realistic looking pattern out there. Easy to tie (glue).

  14. Steve Newby (verified owner)

    In Australia, its April and our alpine hoppers are out. The small yellow realistic hopper is a good match and works.
    I could only get black legs this time but that does not seem to bother the trout. This is a new must in my fly box and nice to give away to my fishing friends.

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