Tim Cammisa's Purchasing Mayfly Nymph Materials

Tim Cammisa’s Fly Tying: Purchasing Mayfly Nymph Materials

Essential Mayfly Nymph Materials by Tim Cammisa – Part 2

More interesting fly tying talk! Tim Cammisa gives us his scoop on all the essential items needed to tie mayfly nymphs – the “must have” fly tying materials for tying the most effective mayfly nymph patterns. This is a Part 2 of his Purchasing Mayfly Nymph Materials series. See below for Part 1.

As Tim recommends, a great material to use when tying your mayfly nymphs as an alternative for peacock herl is Hemingway’s Peacock Dubbing that comes in a convenient dispenser, great for traveling and containing the 12 most popular Hemingway’s Peacock Dubbing shades. Besides the travel pack, this great dubbing comes in individual packages, in a wide variations of shades.

Dubbing Dispenser - Peacock

Hemingway’s Dubbing Dispenser – Peacock


Dubbing - Peacock - Gold

Hemingway’s Dubbing – Peacock


Tim’s Part 1 on Essential Mayfly Nymph Materials


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