Chuck Furimsky's Chuck Nymph

Tim Cammisa’s Fly Tying: Chuck Furimsky’s “Chuck Nymph”

Bringing you one of the new Tim Cammisa’s video tutorials. This time he shows us how to tie a Chuck Nymph, a pattern created by Chuck Furimsky. This is not your ordinary mayfly nymph. Chuck Nymph features some unique fly tying material – a specially-cut leather called Bugskin that provides awesome action in the water. Definitely a must-try pattern! Thanks Tim for sharing with us.


To tie Chuck Furimsky’s Chuck Nymph, you need the following:

  • Hook: Allen Fly Fishing J100BL, sizes #8-#14, we can also recommend Hemingway’s Jig Barbless Hooks HCJ110
  • Bead:  Silver tungsten, 3.5 mm
  • Thread: 8/0 UNI, black color
  • Ribbing: Ultra Wire, size brassie
  • Body: Hemingway’s Peacock Dubbing – dispenser or individually packed
  • Tail & backing: Bugskin
  • Legs: Partridge feather fibers (from wings)
Dubbing Dispenser - Peacock
Dubbing Dispenser – Peacock

Dubbing - Peacock - Blue

Dubbing – Peacock – Blue

Hemingway’s HCJ110 Jig Fly Barbless Hooks
Hemingway’s HCJ110 Jig Fly Barbless Hooks


Try tying this great fly yourself! Give us your comments below. Share photos of your Chuck Nymph flies or fish caught with this pattern on our Facebook page.

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