Realistic Stonefly Wings


  • Super realistic fly wings – mimic the real stonefly wings remarkably well.
  • Preshaped and precut – ready to use – no cutting or shaping required.
  • Easy to use – simply take them off the backing sheet and tie on.
  • Premium quality – extra durable and flexible material to withstand many fish.
  • Waterproof and UV resistant – protected from elements and ready for action.
  • Make amazingly looking realistic flies that fish great and will last a long time!

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Hemingway’s Realistic Stonefly Wings

Hemingway’s Realistic Stonefly Wings are very realistic imitation of real stonefly wings and are extra easy to work with. They are preshaped and precut – ready to use! Simply take them off the backing sheet and tie on, there is no cutting or shaping required. The transparency and the details on these wings mimic the real wing of a stonefly quite remarkably. These wings are premium quality, made to withstand the elements – they are waterproof and UV resistant, so no additional prep work is needed. They are extra durable and can survive many fish, but are also made of very flexible material so they are easy to bend and manipulate when tying. The softness and flexibility of the material make them easily gulped by the fish.

Flies made with these wings are meant to be used and used again. Many realistic flies are sitting at home and collecting dust. Now, it is time to get those realistic flies where they belong – on the water! Use them, lose them, no big deal, as they are affordable and easy to make.

With Hemingway’s Realistic Stonefly Wings you can make those wonderful realistic flies that fish just love to bite!

Hemingway’s Realistic Stonefly Wings come in four colors: Dark, Yellow, Tan & Gray, and the following sizes:

  • Extra Small (18 pieces, 16 hook size) – 12 mm
  • Small (18 pieces, 14-16 hook size) – 16 mm
  • Medium (15 pieces, 12-14 hook size) – 20 mm
  • Large (12 pieces, 8-10 hook size) – 25 mm

Please note that due to many different types and models of hooks, these hook size recommendations are just rough estimates. Besides stonefly wings, we also offer Hemingway’s Realistic Wings for Caddis fly and Mayfly, also in a variety of colors and sizes. See them all here.

One of the reviews of Hemingway’s realistic wings:

Hemingway’s Realistic Wings

“Wings? You want wings? We have wings! There are three types here: May Fly, Caddis and Stone Fly. All are made in the same way – a pre-cut shape on a backing sheet, all printed with details that suggest the natural wing. May Fly and Caddis come as pairs, Stone Fly as two separate wings. All have a matt surface facing out and gloss on the side in contact with the backing card.

These are made from tough stuff, too. I can stretch it until it breaks, and it’s difficult to cut with thread. These look like stiff wings but this is actually quite supple plastic. It’s difficult to explain what I’m getting at here, but the texture of this plastic seems to work well; they hold position or posture well but are ‘squashy’: easily gulped by a trout.

These are not just copies of wings the shapes have been thought out for tying. What I mean is I could simply tie over the narrow point where the May Fly wing pairs meet; I can but I don’t have to, because I can tie down the wee tabs on either side of that narrow strip. Similarly, both the Caddis and Stone Fly have short level stumps or stubs where I want to tie them in. Tying in the tabs and stumps takes a minute or two of practice, but it’s not hard and the wings are resilient so if they roll around or otherwise misbehave just remove the thread and start over.

I found sizing slightly problematic. I guess that comes from the styles of flies I tie and being more used to tying with natural materials. When I come to proportion a fly I work to the hook: the tail, body, wing and hackle are all sized using the hook as my reference. By contrast, these wings are precisely pre-cut and I’d rather not start butchering them, so do I have to find a hook the right size for the wing? I was sent medium-sized wings – the photograph shows a pair mounted on a #10 Fine Dry Fly G-Point. It looks big to my eye, and I regard #10 as a fairly large dry fly hook.

No, I don’t need bigger hooks. In fact, that approach really misses the point and purpose of these wings. Far from needing something bigger than that #10, I should probably use a smaller, or at least shorter hook, and fit a detached body. The point being, these materials come from a different mind-set and way of tying. Some of my old habits, using the hook as my reference adjusting proportions to suit, will have to go if I am going to get the most from these.

OK, so how do I size flies tied with these wings? How do I fit the parts together? I suppose I could get medium wings and medium detached bodies and just fit the two together – but again that misses the point. These are designed to be used with the insect, the natural bug, as the reference. If I know the rough length and colour of a dun’s body and the height of its wings I can fairly quickly choose a suitable detached tube body and wing pair.

Contrast that with our traditional methods of tying flies – give me the dressing notes for an Adam’s or a Lunn’s or a Kite’s Imperial and frankly I can tie a decent version of that artificial fly without having the least inkling what a natural fly looks like. If fact, we can take that further, so for example, flies like Greenwell’s Glory, have taken on a life of their own – the debate over the original tying and the challenge of finding that exact ‘real’ Greenwell cape, whatever that means. None of those debates or challenges, interesting though they might be, has the least hint of anything to do with entomology.

It strikes me that Hemingway’s wings and tube bodies (featured in a previous On the Bench) are part of a move away from that older type thinking and tying. Oh, and they make a pretty neat fishing fly, too!”

Review by Magnus Angus
On the Bench, Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine (UK), 2013

Read the full article here.

Realistic Mayfly Wings – Gray - LargeRealistic Caddis Wings – Brown - Extra LargeRealistic Stonefly Wings – Dark - Small

Magnus Angus

Tying instructions:

See below for instructions on how to easily tie realistic stonefly using Hemingway's Realistic Stonefly Wings, or see our Videos page for more interesting ideas and video fly tutorials and recipes.

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