Realistic Stonefly Wings


  • Very realistic imitations of real stonefly wings.
  • They are transparent and soft, with intricate details that mimic the real wings quite remarkably.
  • Made of a very flexible material so they are easy to bend and manipulate when tying.
  • The softness and flexibility of the material make them easily gulped by the fish.
  • Extra easy to work with, they are preshaped and precut – ready to use. Simply take them off the backing sheet and tie them on.
  • Premium quality and durable, made to withstand the elements – they are waterproof and UV resistant, so no additional prep work is needed.
  • Make amazingly looking, authentic stoneflies that fish great and will last a long time!
  • Check out the Description section below for more details, sizing, tying instructions slideshow, some info on stonefly species, and some fly fishing tips!

Realistic Stonefly Wings – Dark - Extra Small
101-010106XS-04DarkExtra Small US$6.25
Realistic Stonefly Wings – Dark - Small
101-010106SM-04DarkSmall US$6.25
Realistic Stonefly Wings – Dark - Medium
101-010106ME-04DarkMedium US$6.25
Hemingway's Realistic Stonefly Wings Dark
101-010106LG-04DarkLarge US$6.25
101-010106XS-03YellowExtra Small US$6.25
101-010106SM-03YellowSmall US$6.25
101-010106ME-03YellowMedium US$6.25
101-010106LG-03YellowLarge US$6.25
101-010106SM-02TanSmall US$6.25
101-010106ME-02TanMedium US$6.25
101-010106LG-02TanLarge US$6.25
101-010106SM-01GraySmall US$6.25
101-010106ME-01GrayMedium US$6.25
101-010106LG-01GrayLarge US$6.25

Hemingway’s Realistic Stonefly Wings

Hemingway’s Realistic Stonefly Wings are very realistic imitations of real stonefly wings and are extra easy to work with. They are preshaped and precut – ready to use! Simply take them off the backing sheet and tie them on, there is no cutting or shaping required. The transparency and the details on these wings mimic the real wing of a stonefly quite remarkably. These wings are premium quality, made to withstand the elements – they are waterproof and UV resistant, so no additional prep work is needed. They are extra durable and can survive many fish, but are also made of a very flexible material so they are easy to bend and manipulate when tying. The softness and flexibility of the material make them easily gulped by the fish. Pair these wings with our Realistic Stonefly Bodies to get super-authentic stoneflies.

Flies made with these wings are meant to be used and used again. Many realistic flies are sitting at home and collecting dust. Now, it is time to get those realistic flies where they belong – on the water! Use them, lose them, no big deal, as they are affordable and easy to make.

Make some wonderful, realistic-looking stoneflies that fish just love to bite!

Available in four colors: Dark, Yellow, Tan & Gray, and the following sizes:

  • Extra Small (18 pieces, 16 hook size) – 12 mm
  • Small (18 pieces, 14-16 hook size) – 16 mm
  • Medium (15 pieces, 12-14 hook size) – 20 mm
  • Large (12 pieces, 8-10 hook size) – 25 mm

Please note that due to many different types and models of hooks, these hook size recommendations are just rough estimates. Besides stonefly wings, we also offer Hemingway’s Realistic Wings for Caddis fly and Mayfly, also in a variety of colors and sizes. See them all here.

Tying instructions

See below for instructions on how to easily tie realistic stoneflies using Hemingway’s Realistic Stonefly Wings, or see our Videos page for more interesting ideas and video fly tutorials and recipes.


Stonefly is an aquatic insect from the order Plecoptera. These are one of the oldest insect species, with over 3500 different varieties, and can be found around the globe, everywhere except Antarctica. They love clean environments and their presence indicates very high water quality. Throughout their lifetime, stoneflies go through incomplete metamorphosis. They go from egg to nymph and straight to adult, without the pupal or dun stages. The complete stonefly life cycle lasts anywhere from one year (for smaller species – yellow sallies) to three years (larger kinds – salmonflies and large golden stones).

Four major subspecies of stoneflies that are most significant for fly fishing are:

  • Salmonfly, family Pteronarcyidae
  • Large Golden Stone, family Perlidae
  • Yellow Sally, family Perlodidae, subfamily Isoperlinae, genus Isoperla (Stripetail)
  • Skwala, family Perlodidae (Springflies)

To learn more details about the stonefly life cycle, different stonefly species, their characteristics, times of hatching, tips on fishing for each species, and other great info – check out our blog post here.

Fly Fishing Stonefly Dry Patterns

There are two instances when adult stoneflies can become food for trout: near the water’s edge, just after they emerge and when they accidentally fall into the water, and secondly, and maybe most significant for a fly fisherman, is the moment of the egg-depositing, taking place on the riffles. When fishing the recently emerged adults along the river’s bank, the best technique would be dead-drifting float, tightly against the banks, beneath the overhanging branches. Should you notice that trout is ignoring your fly, try the occasional twitch – it can entice a strike as it could appear more natural to the trout underneath.

For fishing the riffles, when egg-depositing starts, usually in the evening, dead-drift is again the best presentation to utilize. However, to best imitate the natural behavior of the fly when they deposit eggs, an occasional hop or twitch could make a huge difference. Many stonefly females make a big splash when they hit the water and some continue to flutter while depositing their valuable load. Successfully imitating this behavior can entice the fish and bring you that big strike. Cast the fly hard to make a splash and produce a commotion. Having your fly skate or skitter across the river’s surface might do the trick.

Weight 0.005 kg
Dimensions 16.8 × 5.6 × 0.3 cm


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Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large


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