Realistic Ephemera Danica Nymph Body with Tails


  • Realistic Ephemera Danica nymph body for tying authentic looking extended body Ephemera Danica nymphs.
  • Comes with tails – two body parts in one piece.
  • Shaped, sized and colored – ready for tying and extra easy to use.
  • Premium quality – extra durable and flexible material to withstand many fish.
  • Make amazingly looking realistic flies that fish great and will last a long time!
  • 10 pieces per pack

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SKU: 101-010116SM-01Color: Cream YellowSize: SmallPrice: US$4.85
SKU: 101-010116ME-01Color: Cream YellowSize: MediumPrice: US$4.85
SKU: 101-010116LG-01Color: Cream YellowSize: LargePrice: US$4.85
SKU: 101-010116SM-02Color: YellowSize: SmallPrice: US$4.85
SKU: 101-010116ME-02Color: YellowSize: MediumPrice: US$4.85
SKU: 101-010116LG-02Color: YellowSize: LargePrice: US$4.85

Realistic Ephemera Danica Nymph Body with Tails

Hemingway’s Realistic Ephemera Danica Nymph Body with Tails for tying extended body nymph patterns, is an excellent imitation of a real bug’s extended body as it mimics its shape, size, color and proportions. These molded bodies come with tails so you get two body parts in one! This premium fly tying material is made out of soft rubber making it flexible and light but also very durable. Protected from elements – waterproof and UV resistant. Already shaped, sized and colored – ready to use – significantly cuts your tying time as you get an authentic looking insect in a few easy steps.

Perfectly complemented with other fly tying parts from our Realistic Ephemera Danica Nymph collection: Buds & Back and Legs.

Tie amazing Ephemera Danica nymphs that look authentic and also fish great!

Comes with 10 pieces per pack, with a choice of three sizes (Small, Medium and Large) and 2 colors: Cream Yellow & Yellow.

Weight 0.005 kg
Dimensions 11.2 × 5 × 0.3 cm




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