Realistic Crane Fly Legs 3D

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  • Realistic Crane Fly Legs 3D are ready-made fly tying parts to make your crane fly pattern look super-realistic.
  • Extra effective – make your flies look and ‘behave’ like real insects on the water.
  • Authentic appearance, color, size, proportions of real insect legs.
  • Legs are bent in 3 dimensions the same way the real insect legs are.
  • Made from foam-like material – super light and floatable – resulting in perfect presentation.
  • An added layer of silicone for flexibility.
  • Durable, high-quality material.
  • Easy to tie – can be used with other foam parts, or with traditional materials, as they are highly floatable.
  • 6 sets of legs per box.
  • Dark Brown color and two sizes: Medium and Large.
  • Pair them up with our Realistic Crane Fly Wings to super-effective and great-looking flies.
  • See the Description section below for more information and fly fishing tips.

Realistic Crane Fly Legs 3D - Dark Brown
100-010133ME-01Dark BrownMedium US$4.64
Realistic Crane Fly Legs 3D - Dark Brown
100-010133LG-01Dark BrownLarge US$4.64

Realistic Crane Fly Legs 3D

Realistic Crane Fly Legs 3D will make your crane fly (‘daddy long legs’) pattern look authentic. They have the looks of the real insect legs and they float on the water just like real ones. These fly tying parts come ready-made are easy to tie and make really effective flies as they add that final touch to your patterns. Realistic Crane Fly Legs 3D is a one-piece, flexible set of 3 pairs of super-long, thin, light legs. What makes these legs so special is that they are made in 3 dimensions – the legs are bent the same way real insect legs are. As they are made of light, foam-like material, they float on the water, thus making them ideal for combination with both, foam and traditional fly tying materials. The material is of high quality making them durable and sturdy. The added layer of silicone gives them extra flexibility, further enhancing the real feel of these materials. Using these legs is super easy as you simply tie them onto your pattern. No other prep work is needed. These legs can be used in countless ways to create not just very effective crane fly patterns, but also other various fly patterns that imitate insects with super long legs.

Realistic Crane Fly Legs 3D comes in Dark Brown and two sizes – Medium and Large. Pair them up with our Realistic Crane Fly Wings to super-effective and great-looking flies.

6 sets of legs per box.

Crane Flies Fishing

Order: Diptera (flies), Family: Tipulidae

Crane flies (also known as ‘daddy long legs’ or ‘daddy-long-legs’) resemble large mosquitos but these flies cannot sting and are not very good fliers. This is one of the reasons they are easily blown onto the surface of the water. Their flying sometimes looks wobbly, which is why trout get easily attracted to them. Their life is mostly spent as larvae – they are adults for only 10-15 days. Adult crane flies have long thin abdomen (females have larger abdomen than males), and very long and delicate legs. Their abdomen has a characteristic V-shaped groove. They have large clear wings that span from 1.0 to 7.5 cm (approx. ½ inch to 3 inches). Crane flies are terrestrials, but mostly live around freshwater: rivers, streams, and lakes, in semi-aquatic environments.

Crane flies can be found close to the water surfaces during the early morning, but they are most active around water in the late evening, starting from sundown and sometimes well into the dark. The best conditions to fish them would be breezy weather, as they are easily carried by the wind. However, as they are weak fliers, in these conditions they rarely fly too far from shelter. The ideal would be an evening with intermittent breeze and calm. As for tactics, for fishing crane flies, the dead-drifting technique would be most effective. However, should you see that this is not productive, try skating. As crane flies prefer humid and dump conditions, fall would be a great time to fish these patterns.

Weight 0.010 kg
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 1.5 cm




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  1. Joey (verified owner)

    I just ordered a thick load of mayfly bodies and crane legs and honestly, I’m in love. You don’t understand how thankful I have to not have to tie tube bodies anymore. Especially as a commercial tier that’s gonna have to pump out mayfly soon 😂💀You’ll be getting business from me again very soon

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