Realistic Cicada Fly

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  • NEW at Frosty!
  • Realistic Cicada Fly – a very faithful replica of a real-life insect.
  • Segmented body imitates the cicada stout body shape, including the big head and bulgy, prominent eyes.
  • Light, membranous wings add to the authenticity of this pattern.
  • Flexible, rubber legs were added to finish the look.
  • Great quality materials crafted so the fly has the weight of the real cicada – the splash will be real!
  • Highly effective pattern – its size, looks and authentic behavior when in water will provoke some aggressive strikes.
  • Comes in a range of color combinations: Orange, Gold, Brown, Green, Tan, Yellow, Gray and hook size #10.
  • 1 fly

See Description tab below for more information on this fly and some fly fishing tips.

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Realistic Cicada Fly - Orange
100-031041H10-01Hook #10Orange US$3.08
Realistic Cicada Fly - Gold
100-031041H10-02Hook #10Gold US$3.08
Realistic Cicada Fly - Brown
100-031041H10-03Hook #10Brown US$3.08
Realistic Cicada Fly - Green
100-031041H10-04Hook #10Green US$3.08
Realistic Cicada Fly - Tan
100-031041H10-05Hook #10Tan US$3.08
Realistic Cicada Fly - Yellow
100-031041H10-06Hook #10Yellow US$3.08
Realistic Cicada Fly - Gray
100-031041H10-07Hook #10Gray US$3.08

Realistic Cicada Fly

Our Realistic Cicada Fly is a very faithful replica of a real-life insect. The segmented body has been designed so it imitates the cicada stout body shape, including the big head and bulgy, prominent eyes. A pair of light, membranous wings adds to the authenticity of this pattern. The colors have been carefully chosen to mimic the ones found on real cicadas. Three pairs of short, flexible, rubber legs were added to finish the look. The materials are of a great quality and were crafted so the pattern has the correct weight. When this Realistic Cicada Fly hits the water, it will splash the same way the real one does. This is a really effective pattern and will definitely bring some great action to your summer fly fishing. The size of this fly, its looks and authentic way it behaves when in water will provoke some aggressive strikes. Make sure you have a couple of these in your flybox.

Realistic Cicada Fly comes in a range of color combinations: Orange, Gold, Brown, Green, Tan, Yellow, Gray and a hook size #10.

Cicada Fly Fishing

Cicada belongs to a family of true bugs (order Hemiptera) and are most famous for their high-pitched ‘singing’. They are one of the longest-lived insects in the world. Most of them use their singing at night to avoid predators and to attract females. They are large insects (usually 2-5 cm in length), with stout bodies, broad heads, two pairs of membranous wings, big, prominent compound eyes (set wide apart on the sides of the head) and short antennae. The thorax is made of three segments. They cannot jump and are a bit clumsy fliers. Typically, they live in trees and feed on sap. They lay their eggs in little grooves in the trees. When they hatch from eggs they fall on the ground and spend most of their life as nymphs (as long as 15-17 years), underground. When ready, nymphs will climb up the tree where they will emerge to adults. There, they will mate. After mating, these insects fall to the ground, where they can become a prey for the hungry trout. As these are good-size meals, cicadas are great pattern to fish during warm summer days. Great places would be sections with overhanging trees where cicadas reside. Long dead-drifting with a bit of twitching would be the best technique to use when fly fishing cicadas. Trout will even more eagerly take cicada pattern below the surface than one floating on top.

Weight 0.003 kg
Dimensions 3 × 1 × 1.6 cm


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6 reviews for Realistic Cicada Fly

  1. ellen (verified owner)

    I ordered one in gold, and it is of excellent quality. I am excited to test it out! I probably will go back and buy the set!

  2. Duke2043 (verified owner)

    I am looking forward to the Broad X Cicada hatch this year to gives these a try they look really realistic hope they hold up to all the fish i plan on catching!

  3. Robert (verified owner)

    Great looking flies, looking forward to the hatch

  4. Thornton (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the realistic nature of the fly. However, I ordered 2 of the tan flies, But only recieved 1.

    • Boris (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for your feedback! We are really sorry about the error and will contact you via email to replace the missing fly.
      Tight lines!

  5. Foghorn

    It’s awesome & realistic!
    I’ve tried to modify (think sharpie) a couple to match the mega hatch this year. Will let you know how it goes.

  6. Michael (verified owner)

    I ordered several different colors of the cicada and I am very impressed how realistic they look. I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet but I am looking forward to it! This was my first purchase from frostyfly but there will definitely be more in the future.

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