Realistic Flies – HOPPER Selection of 10 Flies – Assorted


  • A selection of ten amazingly authentic Hopper flies!
  • Made from lightweight foam material to give it buoyancy and coated with silicone for elasticity and durability.
  • Flexible, 3D legs add imperative advantage by mimicking the authentic movement of the fly when in water.
  • Superior details on this design are so authentic – the fish will not know the difference.
  • Highly effective – this fly will provide top action during the hot summer months.
  • Floatable, light and extra flexible material makes them super sturdy and long lasting.
  • Prime quality fly to withstand many takes.
  • This fly design is a winner of the Best Terminal Tackle Award at the 2015 EFTTEX!
  • Extra effective – will produce big strikes!
  • Each set comes with 10 hopper flies of assorted colors and hook sizes #8 & #10.

See Description tab below for more information on this product and some fly fishing tips.

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Hopper Selection of 10 Assorted Flies

The famous hopper flies now in a selection of ten!

Realistic Hopper (Grasshopper)

Winner of the Best Terminal Tackle Award at the 2015 EFTTEX!

Realistic Hopper fly from our Vania Flies collection is remarkably close to the real insect in looks, appearance and the way they move in the water. Made from lightweight foam and coated with silicone for elasticity and durability. Superior details on this pattern mimic the look of the real grasshopper so well – they look alive and your fish will not know the difference. The fly is made of high quality, floatable and light material that has just the right weight so when they hit water, the way they float emulates the real insect accurately. The flexibility and design of the legs add the crucial movement to the fly when in water, giving it a more realistic look and providing that imperative advantage when fishing this fly pattern. The material is super sturdy – these flies were tied to last and will withstand many takes. These realistic hoppers are highly effective – expect some explosive strikes!

This hopper selection comes with 10 Hopper flies of assorted colors and hook sizes #8 & #10.

Hopper Fly Fishing

Hoppers (grasshoppers) are ground-dwelling terrestrials from the order Orthoptera with powerful hind legs that enable them to jump energetically. They are large and bulky insects that often find themselves in the water where they start drowning the instant they hit the water. When in water, they would start vigorously struggling, kicking and splatting. Accurately imitating these movements of the fly on the water surface can be an imperative part of your presentation. Dead-drift floating with an occasional twitch can produce some ferocious strikes from sizable trout.

Hoppers are ‘big meals’ so they usually bring the largest fish to the ‘table’. Adult hoppers hit their peak activity and reproduction from late June through the October, sometimes even into November for some species. Great times for presenting this fly is during warm and breezy midday and afternoon. They are most active on the hottest days of the summer months. At the same time, these are the days when the water temperatures are warmest and water levels are the lowest – the times when even the largest of fish come out for some easy large meal.

Hopper Fishing Tip: When fishing with hopper patterns, throw your fly within a few inches of the water’s edge. Moving a few inches closer to the bank could be crucial when fishing with these flies.

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