JMC Yoto Semi-Automatic Fly Reel


  • A semi-automatic fly reel with unparalleled performance and functionality.
  • Smooth and efficient retrieval: With a retrieval capacity of approximately two meters per each pull of the lever, you can expect precise and swift line winding, especially useful when you need to cover large distances quickly or when you want to reposition your fly with precision.
  • Crafted from machined aluminum, this semi-automatic marvel suits various fishing techniques, especially in fast waters.
  • Features a large arbor spool design for improved line management, it minimizes line memory, ensuring smooth casts and retrieves.
  • Equipped with a Teflon micrometric brake for precise control. This progressive brake system enables you to handle even the most spirited fish with ease.
  • Elegant black anodized finish. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the anodized coating enhances the reel’s resistance to corrosion.
  • Comes with a neoprene bag case for added protection and convenience.
  • Two models are available: Yoto 30 and Yoto 50
  • For full specifications, more info, and a product video, see the Description section below
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JMC Yoto Semi-Automatic Fly Reel

Introducing the Yoto Semi-Automatic Fly Reel – a compact and lightweight reel that surprises with its incredible line retrieve capacity.

The semi-automatic mechanism allows approximately 2 meters of line to be retrieved with each pull of the lever, ensuring precise and rapid line winding. This feature enables direct contact with the fish and reduces the risk of tangles or lost fish.

Crafted from aluminum with a black anodized finish, the JMC Yoto reel is a semi-automatic marvel suitable for various fishing techniques.

The Yoto fly reel features a large arbor spool, minimizing line memory and allowing smooth, tangle-free casting even at longer distances.

Equipped with Teflon discs and a micro-adjustment drag system, you can precisely regulate the braking force to match your tippet’s load capacity, reducing line breakage and lost fish.

The reel mechanism makes it suitable for both left-handed and right-handed operation without conversion, while the underside features rollers for smooth line guidance.

Two models are available: Yoto 30 and Yoto 50. Additional replacement spools are available upon inquiry. Each fly reel comes in a neoprene reel bag for added protection.

Key Technical Features:

Craftsmanship and material: The JMC Yoto reel is skillfully crafted from durable machined aluminum, ensuring exceptional strength and longevity. This robust construction allows it to withstand the rigors of various fishing techniques, making it a reliable companion for your angling adventures. The use of premium-quality composite aluminum makes the reel lightweight, contributing to comfortable handling and reduced fatigue during extended fishing sessions.

Elegant design: The JMC Yoto reel boasts a sleek and timeless black anodized finish, giving it a sophisticated appearance. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the anodized coating enhances the reel’s resistance to corrosion.

Micrometric brake system: The reel is equipped with a precise Teflon micrometric brake system, allowing you to finely adjust the brake’s tension to suit your specific fishing needs. This level of control enables smooth and consistent drag performance, crucial for handling strong and acrobatic fish. The JMC Yoto reel’s brake system gives you the confidence to play the fish effectively and prevent line breakages.

Large arbor spool: The JMC Yoto reel features a large arbor spool design, which offers multiple advantages for fly anglers. With a larger arbor, the reel significantly reduces line memory, preventing annoying coiling and ensuring your line lies flat and ready for smooth casts. Additionally, the large arbor increases retrieval speed, allowing you to quickly bring in your line and regain control over the fish, particularly useful when dealing with fast-swimming species.

Smooth and efficient retrieval: The reel’s recovery capacity, approximately two meters per pull, provides swift and efficient line retrieval. This feature proves invaluable when you need to cover large distances quickly or when you want to reposition your fly with precision. The effortless and swift winding action allows you to capitalize on opportunities swiftly and ensures you spend more time with your line in the water.

With its expert craftsmanship, thoughtful design, and advanced features, the JMC Yoto semi-automatic fly reel stands out as a reliable and high-performance companion for fly fishing in fast waters. Embrace the precision, control, and durability this reel brings to your angling pursuits, and elevate your fly fishing experience to new heights.


  • Semi-automatic fly reel
  • 2 meters of line retrieve per lever action
  • Machined from aluminum
  • Black anodized surface
  • Lightweight composite pull-in lever
  • Features a large arbor design for improved line management
  • Drag system with Teflon discs and micro adjustment for precise control
  • Suitable for left- and right-hand operation
  • Supplied in a neoprene bag for added protection and convenience


Model Color Size Capacity Diameter (cm) Width (cm) Weight (gr)
Yoto 30 Black 2wt to 4wt WF3 + 20m of 20 lbs 7.5 4 135
Yoto 50 Black 4wt to 6wt WF5 + 50m of 20 lbs 8.5 4.1 146


JMC Fishing

JMC is a French fly fishing company created in the 90s within the Mouches de Charette company (founded in 1986) and as a result of the growing and determined demands of the fly fishing community. Since then, enthusiasts have worked on the development of products dedicated to the practice of this fishing technique. From trout to tarpon, through pike or salmon, find quality products adapted to the needs of all anglers. With an emphasis on performance, innovation, and above all – passion.




Yoto 30, Yoto 50


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