Stimulator Fly by Jim Misiura tied with Hemingway's Tube Body Stimulators

Stimulator Fly – Fly Tying Hemingway’s Stimulator with Jim Misiura

Watch this video to see Jim Misiura tying Hemingway’s Stimulator Fly. Thank you Jim for sharing this great video with us.


To tie this great fly, Jim Misiura’s way, you need the following:

Stimulator Fly - Tube Body - Yellow Fluo
Stimulator Fly – Tube Body – Yellow Fluo
Hemingway's Realistic Stonefly Wings
Hemingway’s Realistic Stonefly Wings
Hemingway's Standard Thread - Black
Hemingway’s 6/0 Thread in Black
Maruto Maruto Dry Fly and Nymph Hooks - d21
Maruto d21 Dry Fly Hooks

Hemingway’s Stimulator Tube Body is great for tying gold-bead nymphs, wet flies, dry flies, stillwater flies, and many other patterns. The body has a  bright-colored visible tip. This tip will often provoke another take, even from a trout that has stuffed itself.


  • Put the hook in the Stimulator Tube Body and pass it through.
  • Put the base of thread and tie in the Tube Body.
  • Tie in Hemingway’s Stonefly Wings on the top of the hook.
  • Put the deer hair on half of that wing, tie it in and remove the excess.
  • Tie in the hackle in and make few wraps.
  • Whip finish it and put head cement on.

Try tying this fly yourself! Give us your comments. Share photos of your Hemingway’s Stimulator Fly or fish caught on this fly on our Facebook page.

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