Dark Hendrickson – Fly Tying Hemingway’s Dark Hendrickson with Jim Misiura

Dark Hendrickson – Fly Tying Hemingway’s Dark Hendrickson with Jim Misiura

Watch this video to see Jim Misiura tying Dark Hendrickson using Hemingway’s fly tying materials. Thank you Jim for sharing this great video with us.


To tie a Hemingway’s Dark Hendrickson, Jim Misiura’s way, you need the following:

Realistic Mayfly Wings

Dark Hendrickson – Realistic Mayfly Wings

Hemingway’s Realistic Mayfly Wings are of premium quality, flexible, durable, waterproof and UV resistant. No need to buy those expensive tools and materials of different sizes and types as these wings are preformed and precut. They are ready to use and you will easily make those beautifully looking realistic flies.

Available in sizes: Extra Small (18 pcs, 16-18 hook size), Small (15 pcs, 14-16 hook size), Medium (12 pcs, 12-14 hook size), Large (12 pcs, 10-12 hook size) and Extra Large (9 pcs, 8-10 hook size).


  • Put the base of thread half way and then come forward half of that.
  • Pinch shiny side of Hemingway’s Realistic Mayfly Wings together and tie them in.
  • For tail tie in tips of Blue Dun Hackle.
  • For body use Grey Dubbing and take it forward to the wings.
  • Tie in CDC Feather and wrap it few times.
  • Whip finish it and put head cement on.

Try tying this fly yourself! Give us your comments. Share photos of your Hemingway’s Dark Hendrickson  or fish caught on this fly on our Facebook page.

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    1. Thanks. Dubbing is conveniently packed in one of these handy, 12-compartmental practical boxes. They are great space savers. The box itself has been designed with side-openings and it provides easy access to dubbing from both sides. Re-filling the compartments is easy – simply push the dab of dubbing inside with a pointy tool or a pen.
      These dispensers keep your work bench clean and tidy.

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