Soldarini Mini Mop Chenille


  • A thinner version of the Soldarini’s Mop Chenille – an inventive alternative to traditional mop bodies.
  • Premium chenille for creating remarkably efficient mop flies, similar caddis imitations, and other fly patterns
  • Chenille possesses a unique quality of expanding when moist.
  • It wiggles in the water making it simply irresistible to fish. The fish will literally fight over it.
  • Thin material, with an exceptionally durable core
  • To tie a fly body in mere moments, simply trim it to your desired length, secure it to the hook shank, and finish the end with a quick seal from a lighter.
  • Tie deadly, yet simple flies suitable for various fish species – in no time!
  • Thickness – 4mm
  • Approximate Length – 1 meter
  • 11 colors to choose from
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Soldarini Mop Chenille - Fluo Orange
121-010706-01Fluo Orange US$4.64
Soldarini Mop Chenille - Fluo Coral
121-010706-02Fluo Coral US$4.64
Soldarini Mop Chenille - Fluo Yellow
121-010706-03Fluo Yellow US$4.64
Soldarini Mop Chenille - Chartreuse
121-010706-04Chartreuse US$4.64
Soldarini Mop Chenille - Fluo Pink
121-010706-05Fluo Pink US$4.64
Soldarini Mop Chenille - Baby Pink
121-010706-06Baby Pink US$4.64
Soldarini Mop Chenille - Fluo White
121-010706-07Fluo White US$4.64
Soldarini Mop Chenille - Olive
121-010706-08Olive US$4.64
Soldarini Mop Chenille - Fluo Red
121-010706-09Fluo Red US$4.64
Soldarini Mop Chenille - Purple
121-010706-10Purple US$4.64
Soldarini Mop Chenille - Sunburst
121-010706-11Sunburst US$4.64

Mini Mop Chenille

Introducing the Soldarini’s Mini Mop Chenille, a thinner version of their popular Mop Chenille. This innovative material offers a fresh perspective on traditional mop bodies. Crafted from resilient microfibers, chenille possesses a unique property of expanding when wet, making it a versatile and effortless option. Ideal for crafting highly efficient mop nymphs and caddis imitations.

To quickly tie a fly body, simply trim it to your desired length, secure it to the hook shank, and seal the end quickly with a lighter. This exceptional material is custom-made for creating highly effective mop flies, caddis flies, and a variety of other patterns. Its enticing wiggle in the water makes it irresistible to fish, often prompting fierce competition among them. With this material, you can effortlessly craft deadly yet simple flies effective for various fish species.

Flies featuring a body composed of this material will captivate both anglers and fish, whether you’re targeting trout, grayling, or barbel!

Key features of the Soldarini Mini Mop Chenille:

  • Premium chenille for crafting mop flies and similar caddis patterns
  • Thin yet exceptionally durable core for extended longevity
  • Length: Approximately 1 meter
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Available in 11 vibrant colors



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