Jim Misiura's FrostyFly No-Tie Chartreuse Hopper

Fly Tying a FrostyFly No-Tie Chartreuse Hopper with Jim Misiura

One more in Jim Misiura’s awesome fly tying tutorials, his terrestrials series – this time it is a No-Tie Chartreuse Hopper. Follow his easy-to-follow steps and instructions and get yourself an effective hopper that will produce some good action on those warm summer days.Thanks Jim for sharing.


To tie Jim Misiura’s No-Tie Chartreuse Hopper, you need the following:

Realistic Hopper Bodies - Green

Realistic Hopper Bodies – Green

Realistic Hopper Legs 3D - Green

Realistic Hopper Legs 3D – Green


Try tying this great fly yourself! Give us your comments below. Share photos of your hopper flies or fish caught with this pattern on our Facebook page.

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