Maruto Carp Fly Hooks – Barbed, Reversed, Black Nickel – 8832-SSC+CP – 25 pcs

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  • Barbed, reversed carp fly hooks.
  • Innovative Snake Stomach Cut (SSC) and Center Sharp Point (CP) technology.
  • Premium quality Japanese High Carbon steel wire.
  • Thermally treated and chemically sharpened for superior performance and quality.
  • Anti-corrosive coating.
  • Extra sharp needle point offers advantages of better penetration and greater strength.
  • Turn Up Eye (TUE)
  • Forged
  • Color: black nickel
  • Available sizes: #4 (Japanese size #8) and #6 (Japanese #10)
  • 25 hooks per pack
  • Made in Japan

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102-0108883210-02Black NickelHook #6 US$9.24
102-0108883208-02Black NickelHook #4 US$9.24

Maruto Carp Fly Hooks

Maruto Carp Fly Hooks are one of the fly fisherman’s most dependable terminal tackle in the world. Maruto Fly Hooks are carefully manufactured of H8OC High-Carbon steel wire, produced at the best steel plant in Japan.

The sharper needle point offers advantages of better penetration and greater strength. All the hooks are processed by well organized heat treatment, chemical sharpening system and anti-corrosive coating.

History of Maruto Fish Hooks

Dohitomi & Co., Ltd is located in the small town of Tojo, Japan. Its history goes back as far as 1892, when fish hooks were made by villagers in a very primitive method, to earn extra income. Late Mr. Tomitaro Dohi, being a foresighted and ambitious man, thought of mechanizing the industry. As no electric power was available in that age, he used an old-fashioned oil engine and began manufacturing Japan’s first machine-made hooks in 1910.

In those days, fishermen in Japan were too conservative to adopt anything different from what they traditionally used. They did not show any interest in the new products at all. Thus, Mr. Dohi faced serious difficulties, and at one time, was on the verge of bankruptcy. However, his business spirit persevered and he did not give up. Instead, he extensively toured remote fishing villages from one to another and spent his time giving away fish hooks for trial. Over time commercial fishermen were convinced of the superiority of Maruto fish hooks, especially their sharpness.

However, the mechanization process was only one step of several manufacturing stages, and there remained much to improve to develop new and better machines. After World War II, with the continuation of international trade, our markets rapidly expanded. Mr. Tomitaka Dohi, the former president, developed fully automated machines along with continuous tempering plants to meet the increased demand with ability to produce 100 million hooks monthly.

Weight 0.012 kg
Dimensions 8.2 × 5.8 × 0.5 cm




1 review for Maruto Carp Fly Hooks – Barbed, Reversed, Black Nickel – 8832-SSC+CP – 25 pcs

  1. Corey

    Very interesting hook. Very solid and strong and offset to the side which in my experience results in better hook ups. I can see this hooking working excellently as a trailer on an intruder of steelhead stinger style pattern.

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