How to tie realistic stonefly - Tying Stonefly - Step 12

How to Tie Realistic Stonefly

Below we show you how to tie realistic stonefly, stonefly looking so real that your fish will not be able to tell the difference between this one and a live insect. Besides being a great fishing bait, this fly is super easy to tie – you do not need complicated tools or loads of time. Just some patience and simple materials we list below.

The key ingredient for this recipe are Hemingway’s Realistic Stonefly Wings – super-real imitation of stonefly wings and extra easy to work with. No need for cutting or shaping. You simply take the wings off the backing sheet and tie on. These wings are made of very flexible material so they are easy to bend and manipulate with when tying. The softness and flexibility of the material make them easily gulped by the fish. They are extra durable and can survive many fish – flies made with these wings are meant to be used and used again. And yet, they are affordable and easy to make!

What You Need – Ingredients:

Hemingway's Realistic Stonefly Wings Dark
Realistic Stonefly Wings Dark
Tube Body - Caddis - Light Yellow
Tube Body – Caddis – Light Yellow

How to Tie Realistic Stonefly – Steps:

And.. you have yourself a realistic-looking stonefly! All you got to do is take it fishin’! Tight lines!

This is just one way of tying this great looking fly. There are other patterns that you can try with these materials. The options are endless. We would love to see your suggestions and ideas – share them below. Share photos of fish you caught on your stonefly on our Facebook page.

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