10 Best Fly Fishing Gifts Your 2021 Gift Guide - Great gifts for fly fishers

10 Best Fly Fishing Gifts: Your 2021 Gift Guide

Great Gifts for Fly Fishers


We bring you the new, updated guide for finding a perfect gift for that fly fisher in your life, or maybe a few for yourself. We've compiled a list of our best, most practical, most thoughtful, and most innovative gifts. Gifts that we would love to receive.

A definite must-have on-stream gear for any fly fisher! This super-convenient organizer holds practically everything an angler needs for a day of fishing, including two dozen flies, eight tippet spools, and two dropper rigs. It easily attaches, vertically or horizontally, to waders, packs, or even the shirt pocket! It provides quick and easy access, so swapping flies, or reaching for a tool is a matter of seconds. You can even get additional interchangeable fly holders for swapping out different sets of flies. When it comes to brilliant gift ideas for a fly fisher, a Fly Trap is really a no-brainer - you simply can't go wrong with one of these. 


Here is one of the most practical inventions when it comes to on-stream gear. Luckybur’s brilliant Belt Fly Rod Holder holds your fly fishing rod (or a spinning rod) when you need your hands free. And those times are many: changing the rigging, changing the fly, adding a tippet, untangling messes, unhooking a fish, holding multiple rods at a time, using your phone, taking a picture… This awesome gadget is a real treasure, it is like having an extra hand when you need it most. It secures easily to a wading belt or pants belt, and it comes in left and right-handed versions.


Here is an original and super-useful gift for any fly fisher, especially those having a bit of a struggle with close-up tasks. This awesome gadget, with its 3X precision lens, provides super-clear vision, even for the tiniest details. No need for bifocals or weird-looking magnifying gimmicks. It easily clips on anywhere: chest pack straps, wader straps, sling packs, hats... A truly great tool to have on the river. Helps with tying on small flies, threading a tippet through an eye of the hook, inspecting the insects and so much more. It rotates 90°,  swivels 360°, and locks out of the way when not in use for maximum versatility. This great tool even comes with a bonus magnet for the “on deck” flies. Bottom line, MagniFly is the ultimate in convenience when it comes to magnifying fly fishing tools.


If you want to get an original and super intuitive gift for a fly fisher, Amadou Patch is your perfect choice. This little gadget used for drying flies is lined with Amadou, a really magical, natural material with amazing water-absorbing qualities. Amadou, made from a tree fungus, has been used by fly fishermen for centuries and is the quickest and most natural way to dry flies on the water. It is essential for dry fly fishing as it absorbs water from a soaked fly, restoring its ability to float. Bound with veg-tanned leather and handmade in Canada. Made fully from natural materials. A really unique and beautiful gift for any avid fly fisher, especially the ones that prefer dry fly fishing.


What better gift for an angler than a t-shirt with some mean-looking flies. Check out our exclusive collection of unique fly fishing tees. All feature prints of original artwork by Palamar, the artist’s portrayal of our most favored flies. Excellent quality tees, super soft, 100% cotton, light fabric, amazingly comfortable. A range of designs and colors to choose from. Original, unique, and one-of-a-kind gifts.


Fly fishers treat their flies with uttermost respect. Flies are one of the most important pieces of the quest for that perfect catch. Why not get them a gift that will protect their treasures. And what would be better and more stylish than a handmade wooden fly box. Our premium quality fly boxes were handcrafted from Spanish cedar, and black walnut and are made entirely from natural materials. They are durable and strong, and provide great protection for the flies while smelling great at the same time - cedar wood has a specific, woody scent, which is relaxing and soothing. (So, this would definitely qualify as the 'best spa gift for a fly fisher'.) The inside is lined with strips of Amadou, a natural, tree fungus material that absorbs water and keeps the flies dry when fishing (there you go, you learned something today). 

Superior workmanship, crafted with great attention to detail and built to last for years to come, this box makes a beautiful, luxurious, and thoughtful gift for any passionate fly fisher.


When buying a gift for a fly fisher, you can never go wrong with a set of awesome fly fishing flies. And, we are the place to find the most innovative on the market. Our realistic fly fishing flies are world-known and favored by top anglers. We don't need to tell you that they look so amazingly authentic. We will tell you that these are real high-quality flies, tied with the best materials. What's most important, these little bad boys are deadly. Fish absolutely love them. Even the most finicky ones :). And that means more strikes, all resulting in many happy anglers. Hard to find a better gift. 

Let's help you with your quest. Our most popular sets and best-selling ones are Stonefly Nymph Selection for nymphing fly fishing techniques (naturally), and Mayfly Selection, and Hopper Selection, both for dry fly fishing. Get either set or get them all, you can't go wrong, they are all definite winners.  


One of the greatest gifts for a passionate fly fisher is definitely a top-notch fly reel. And, when it comes to quality, precision, and innovation, Vosseler reels are top of their class. Completely designed and produced in-house, under one roof in the heart of Black Forest, Germany. These reels are definitely German engineering at its finest!

Their AIR TWO fly reel is real proof of that. Strong, and extremely lightweight, it was milled from one block of top-quality anodized aluminum. Equipped with a powerful carbon disc brake, this reel is perfect for both freshwater fishing, as well as light saltwater use.
The newly redesigned brake system allows fine-tuning in the fight for strong fish. A reel made for the perfect fly fishing experience. A truly exceptional gift.


If there is a Bond-worthy fly fishing gadget, this would be it. The Lid Rig system is truly revolutionary. Super-handy and versatile, solidly built with many great tools integrated. The nippers are strong, super-sharp, and easily cut thick backing and sturdy braided lines. Extremely well designed, they clip easily to hats, waders, bags, or just about anywhere. 100% magnetic powered, there are no springs and no replacement blades. Equipped with a built-in hook eyelet poker, an integrated bottle opener :), an eyelet clearing needle, and a hook-sharpening groove. It's like tons of handy tools rolled into one. Will become their absolutely irreplaceable gear.


Here is the ultimate gift for any fly fisher. Adams Max Black is a truly extraordinary fly rod. It is a top-notch, modern Euro nymphing rod, made specifically for large fish.

A Big Fish rod, strong, lightweight, and perfectly balanced. It combines power and sensitivity in perfect harmony. With its ultra-fast action, it is suitable for larger rivers and extremely strong salmonids and barrels. Completely black with a matt finish, it is sleek and stylish, but also almost invisible to fish - it provides maximum discretion when nymph fishing. The nanocarbon fiber rod blank ensures increased sensitivity, reactivity, and a perfect balance. An innovative ergonomic handle made of braided carbon fiber intensifies vibrations that emanate from the blank, making this rod extremely sensitive so you are able to feel even the subtlest of takes, giving you more control, and converting into more bites. An '11+1' ring guide, a down-locking CNC-machined aluminum reel seat with a carbon spacer... Need we say more?


If ever in doubt, and not sure what to get, FrostyFly Gift Card always makes an amazing gift. They are a great way to give the gift of choice and ensure you get it right. They are a guaranteed people-pleaser that will never expire or lose value. Our gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Five denominations to choose from.

We hope we've helped you in your quest for a perfect fly fishing gift. If you have any questions about our suggestions above, or you need more information, we are here to help, anytime. 

Tight lines and happy shopping!

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