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Euro Nymphing - Drift One

Euro Nymphing: Drift One

Euro Nymphing Competition teams from Czech Republic, France, Spain and Poland all want their claim to be know on some small characteristic of Euro nymphing technique. To dunk you in, I could give you a grand history of how the glorious Czech nymphing came to be, but I’d offend competitive anglers from a handful of…

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Stonefly Life Cycle: Stonefly adult on a rock

Stonefly Life Cycle & Fly Fishing Stonefly Patterns

STONEFLY Stoneflies are a significant part of the trout’s diet and consequently of every angler’s fly fishing. Fly fishing stonefly patterns has its advantages over other insect species. Two main reasons for their big significance in fly fishing world would be first their availability and secondly, their size. They are widely spread insects and can…

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mayfly life cycle

Mayfly – The Life Cycle & How to Fish Mayfly Patterns

MAYFLY Mayflies are one of the most elegant of the species in the world of fly fishing. They are also one of the trout’s most important food. Learning more about mayflies, their life cycle, appearance and behavior becomes crucial when fishing mayfly patterns. Here, we will try to cover the main life phases of this interesting insect and…

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