Euro Nymphing Techniques 101 - Real-life Situations

Euro Nymphing 101 – Real-life Situations

Learning Euro nymphing techniques through real-life fishing situations with our friend, Vladimir Petrovic (Oholi’s Flies), a World Fly Fishing Championship competitor.

In this great video, Vladimir talks about the Euro Nymph rigging, the setup, equipment used, and how to fish it. He demonstrates Euro Nymphing techniques in real-life, authentic, on-the-river situations. Tons of awesome tips there! Learn something new today.

“Euro Nymphing in real-life situations is my try to make this outstanding technique closer to newcomers and maybe to share a tip or two with more experienced anglers. You will see how I do it, plus a few tips on how to adapt your dry fly rod into a nymphing one. Sometimes being able to change makes all the difference, and having a couple of aces up the sleeve can help too. There is some theory in the video, but it’s backed up with fishing examples….I hope you will find it interesting.

Thank you all for watching. Keep safe.


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