Frosty Dubbing

“Frosty Dubbing all one type of fibre; curious stuff. Frosty looks translucent until you turn it and it seems to gleam. I guess this has a flashier side or angle to the fibre, but whatever it is that does it the effect is pleasing and prevents this becoming brash or harsh.

From the pack the fibres are a fairly long staple. That can twist onto a thread but it suits other dubbing methods more, which is fine in a loop or rolled into a noodle and caught in by the tip and twisted. For a shorter staple tear a pinch of Frosty Dubbing, the fibres can be ripped shorter – which creates more ends and more spike. A fairly fine soft synthetic dubbing, I’d use this for wet flies and streamers of one sort or another.”

Review by Magnus Angus
On the Bench, Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine (UK), May 2013

Read the full article in pdf format here or online here.

Dubbing - Frosty - Yellow


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