Realistic Blue Wing Olive – Fly Tying with Jim Misiura

Jim Misiura’s Realistic Blue Wing Olive

Watch this video to see Jim Misiura tying Realistic Blue Wing Olive using Hemingway’s Realistic Mayfly Wings. Thanks Jim for sharing this great video with us.




To tie Jim Misiura’s Realistic Blue Wing Olive, you need the following:


Hemingway's Realistic Mayfly Wings
Hemingway’s Realistic Mayfly Wings
CDC Feathers - Light Gray
CDC Feathers – Light Gray


To tie Realistic Blue Wing Olive using Hemingway’s Realistic Mayfly Wings:

  • Start by putting a base of olive thread down, from eye of the hook half way and come back to half of that.
  • Take a Hemingway’s Realistic Mayfly Wings and with shiny side of the wings inside, tie the wing by the white tab.
  • Take a pair of micro fibbets and place them right in between of wings. As you tie them you want them to be the approximately the length of the shank. Tie them in. Trim the remainder of micro fibbets.
  • Take a hand stripped peacock quill and tie it in. Put some hand cement on and wrap it.
  • Take CDC feathers and tie them in. Whip finish it.

Try tying this great fly yourself! Give us your comments. Share photos of your Realistic Blue Wing Olive or fish caught with this fly on our Facebook page.

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