We welcome our new Pro Staff!

We are proud to announce new additions to our Promotional Staff crew: Sylvan Rathfon and Ken Held! Welcome aboard guys!
Both Idaho residents, they share the passion and love for all things fly fishing. Here are their stories:

Sylvan RathfonSylvan Rathfon 2 Custom - FrostyFly

"Idaho has always held a place in my heart from day one of my mother’s stories of her fly fishing adventures with her grandfather. I guess I really never knew what it held in store for me and the lessons I would learn out on its rivers and streams. My life has been a roller coaster of experiences and life lessons. Connecting with the trout and my surroundings has brought a lot of thrill and excitement into my life. That moment when you catch a fish of a lifetime and all you can do is shake from the adrenaline rush is priceless. Watching a fish take your line into the backing and racing up the river bank to keep up with him adds excitement to a slow summer day. Along with providing for my family, these experiences are what drives me to be the best I can in anything and everything I am faced with.

About the time I moved to Idaho, I met my wife (Shayne), she knew that I loved fly fishing and I am grateful that she puts up with this passion/obsession. She comes on all of my fishing trips and tries to understand my hobbies, in that sense I am a very lucky man to have her sharing all of these experiences with me. She documents all our backcountry adventures with memory books and photographs. Together we make the dream team. She is my greatest blessing."

Sylvan's info:

Location: Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States

Instagram: backcountryflyfisher

Facebook: Backcountry-Fly-Fishers

Email: outdoor.sylvan@gmail.com

Ken Held 2 Custom - FrostyFlyKen Held

"I started my journey of fly fishing and tying some 40 plus years ago, I have tried to be as innovative with my tying as I can with new materials making my flies durable and as realistic as I can. I do tying demonstrations to pass my knowledge on to others that have the same passion for fly tying that I do, and then spend many hours on the river testing them.
In September 2014 some of my flies where published in Rick Takahashi’s newest book Modern Terrestrials and my journey continues here at Frosty Fly."


Some of Ken's awesome fly tying showpieces:

Ken's info:

Location: Boise, Idaho, United States

Facebook: Ken.Held

Email: blackknight1361@gmail.com

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