Top 10 Fly Tying Gifts

Your Guide to Gifting a Fly Tyer

Many fly fishers like to tie their own flies. They take special pride in catching a fish with a fly they tied themselves. Tying flies is an art, often called a functional art form. Whatever the case, it is definitely a very impressive skill for which you need the right tools and supplies. Whether you are selecting a gift for a beginner or a skillful master, we have some great ideas that will bring joy to any fly tying aficionado.

Let's start with some basics. Dubbing material is one essential material when comes to fly tying. Hemingway’s dubbing is world-known for its quality, versatility and is highly valued by top fly tyers. And it is available conveniently packed in one of these handy, practical boxes. Each one a carefully selected collection of most popular colors. Very light, great space savers, and neat organizers, they make super practical gifts. Absolutely essential when traveling. Hemingway's dubbing dispensers come in a variety of blends. If you are unsure as to what to get, you can never be wrong with choosing Hare Plus UV, great for tying nymphs and their famous Beaver dubbing, absolutely awesome when it comes to dry flies.  And, may we add, these make perfect stocking stuffers.



A thread bobbin is an essential part of any fly tying bench, a really basic tool each tyer has to have. Stonfo Elite Disc-Drag Bobbin is your top-of-the-line option, premium quality, and super-versatile. It is a stainless steel bobbin with a unique disc-drag design that enables quick and easy thread adjustments and provides perfect thread tension control. Weighted for hands-free use and smooth thread winding. Will bring joy to any fly tyer, we guarantee.



Having sharp, solid scissors is essential for fly tying. When it comes to this, you can't get better than Renomed - the world's best. Each pair of these scissors is handmade from start to finish using high-end stainless steel. They are known for their unbeatable sharpness, extreme precision and longevity. Favored by anglers for their superb quality and functionality. Designed to remain sharp and last a lifetime – the best scissors you will ever find!

For everyday fly tying use, an absolutely essential pair would be FS1 Straight and FS2 Curved. For the Ferrari of scissors, go for their latest models FlyTier SuperCut Straight and FlyTier SuperCut Curved, with SuperCut blades and bigger loops.


"Absolutely hands-down the best scissors on the market. Super sharp so it’s a nice clean cut and they feel so well in your hand. 10/10 would recommend"

"Stop looking and buy these now! I am a scissor junkie and these are beyond words. Incredible form/function. You will not own a better pair of scissors again."


From 25.72 to 37.42

If there is a Bond-worthy gadget in the fly tying world, this would be it. Stonfo's Elite Conical Finisher is a high-end, stainless steel, extra user-friendly Half Hitch tool. It is like three tools in one - comes with three different sized heads (conic tips), easily interchangeable. Surgically precise, fully machined, with an ergonomic handle. So handy and practical, you will be eternally loved for gifting it.



If you want to get a really thoughtful and witty gift to a fly tyer, get them the Stonfo Elite Rotodubbing Dubbing Twister. This little instrument makes twisting of the dubbing so easy and precise. Superior quality, made of stainless steel, has a quick and smooth spinning motion. Anatomically shaped and perfectly weighted handle to provide a perfect fit and comfortable use. It is an extra practical tool that they will use for years to come and will be super-grateful for. We just know. 



Here is a tool that will make trimming the flies not only easy but safer too. This little handy tool is specially designed for holding the razor blades when trimming and cutting spun-hair flies. Stonfo Razor Blade Holder is a top-quality instrument, solidly built, and provides quick, safe, and precise trim every time. Designed so you can flex the blade to the desired angle, enabling a more uniform haircut. A super-practical tool any fly tyer would be thrilled to have.



A fly tyer takes pride in each fly they make. Why not get them a gift that will protect their treasures and showcase them in the best possible light. What would be better than a handmade wooden fly box. These premium quality fly boxes were handcrafted from Spanish cedar, and black walnut and are made entirely from natural materials. They are durable and strong, and provide great protection for the flies while smelling great at the same time - cedar wood has a specific, woody scent, which is relaxing and soothing. (So, this would definitely qualify as the 'best spa gift for a fly tyer'.) The inside is lined with strips of Amadou, a natural, tree fungus material that absorbs water and keeps the flies dry when fishing (there you go, you learned something today). 

Superior workmanship, crafted with great attention to detail and built to last for years to come, this box makes a beautiful, luxurious, and thoughtful gift for any passionate fly tyer or a fly fisher.



One of the greatest gifts for a fly tyer is definitely a good quality travel toolset. This is something that they would be absolutely thrilled to have. Stonfo Travel Tool Set is a high-end, complete travel fly tying toolset including 8 most essential fly tying tools a fly tyer might need at any given situation. So convenient when traveling, great to have around on all those fishing trips for the last-minute matching the hatch. Handy for fly tying presentations, seminars, and fly fishing shows. Also perfect for having your tools organized at home. This amazing set comes in a compact, strong carrying case. What's best of all, Stonfo fly tying tools are among the best-rated in the market. Made in Italy, constructed with great precision and of top quality, you are getting premium tools in a nice, compact set. Your fly tyer would be getting their best candy box ever. 


The ultimate gift you can buy a fly tyer is definitely a great vise. This is a tool that they can't do without and where quality comes as one of the most important factors. Stonfo Elite Vise is your absolute perfect choice. This is a premium-grade tool of rock-solid construction and craftsmanship, designed for smoothest performance. Made in Italy and favored by top professional tyers, it is a piece of equipment that any fly tyer would be thrilled to have and will enjoy using for many years to come, being it a beginner or an experienced master.


"The construction and machining of the entire vise is top notch. Every day I’m enjoying it more and more. This is a vise that will last a lifetime for commercial tyers and eternity for anyone else."


If ever in doubt, and not sure what to get, FrostyFly Gift Card always makes an amazing gift. They are a great way to give the gift of choice and ensure you get it right. They are a guaranteed people-pleaser that will never expire or lose value. Our gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Five denominations to choose from.


We hope we've helped you in your quest for a perfect fly tyer gift. If you have any questions about our suggestions above, or you need more information, we are here to help, anytime. 

Tight lines and happy shopping!

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