Tenkara Landing Net Small

“I love your Small Tenkara Landing Net!

Not only made with very good craftsmanship, but the curved Tenkara handle design allows for nestling in the hand and then allow then for a special, secure “flick” of the wrist to dip up trout (best is tail first; then the mouth is available better for fly removal).

Having literally 100’s of spring creeks here in Southern Wisconsin, USA, I have found that for large trout a net is not needed. Large trout have to be played well, until basically almost exhausted, and most often we here in spring-creek county “beach” them on a weed bed. And then we have to rest them and resuscitate them with a back-and-forth motion to get them to swim off safe and well.

But anglers most certainly need a net like your Small Tenkara Net for smaller trout (10-15 inches/25-40 cm), The size of trout we fly anglers catch the most.

For trout in this range (25-40 cm), we can enjoy their fight for a while, and then we can (because of tippet strengths today) and we must bring them in. But they still have some fight left in them, splash a lot, and are hard to get a hand on. And, most important, the angler can not grab them without hurting them (their internal organs). So a small net, with a shallow bag net will work best. And it will get a lot of service.

Your Small Tenkara Landing Net perfectly solves this problem for the size of trout that fly fishers catch most often. And the price is very reasonable, for the fine craftsmanship one gets.

Thanks for making/marketing/selling such a great net. I’m already telling friends about it!

Good Angling”

Dennis Franke
Dennis Franke Flyrods – Liteline Graphite Flyrod Designs

Tenkara Curve Small Landing Net

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