Magnetic Net Release

“The prosaic name gives this away, without that I have a couple of cord loops and a small wooden oval – pull on the loops and you find powerful wee magnets holding the halves firmly together. Loop one end to a net, the other to a ring on a jacket, bag, pack, waders or waistcoat. When you finally hook a fish which needs a net – pull firmly and the net comes free – deal with your trophy, then wave the net in the general direction of the loop when the magnetic half is attached and the two halves ‘thunk’ together.

I have a wooden framed net I wear on my back. One side of this holder loops to the D-ring on the back of my wading jacket, the other to the front lip of my net. The handle of my net is now conveniently at the small of my back; it’s easy to grab my net and almost as easy to put it back.

This comes from a small range of gear for tenkara fishing, so this looks lower tech, dark Padouk wood and soft cord, hiding the strong little rare-earth magnets which do the work.”

Review by Magnus Angus
Tackle Bag, Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine (UK), June 2013

Read the full article in pdf format here or online here.

Magnet Net Release

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