Beaver Dubbing Plus

“Beaver Dubbing Plus  blends beaver with a “touch of superfine sparkling Antron”. Again, the main constituent in the mix is a natural under-fur. Beaver, like muskrat, has a very fine dense under-fur which does a fine job on dries. Personally, I think it’s the fine texture of the hair, which suits beaver to dries and small, sleek flies, more than its ability to float a fly. The fine Antron is well mixed into the blend, even a small tuft of dubbing has some in there. Again the natural under-fur binds the dubbing, holding the mix together. This dubs a tight, slim fly, I’d use it on smaller flies and of course on dries – but in my opinion it needs to be treated with a floatant.”

Review by Magnus Angus
On the Bench, Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine (UK), May 2013

Read the full article in pdf format here or online here.

Beaver Plus Dubbing - Light Olive

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