Realistic Tadpole Fly – Taddy


  • NEW at Frosty!
  • Realistic Tadpole Fly – Taddy – a remarkably authentic tadpole fly pattern!
  • Has the big tadpole head with big, bulgy eyes, short, tapered body and long, feathery tail.
  • The perfect weight and detailed design help mimic the movement of the real tadpole in the water.
  • Highly effective – this fly will provoke some aggressive strikes all year round!
  • Prime quality fly to withstand many takes.
  • Comes in most common colors: Black, Brown and Olive and hook size #10.
  • 1 fly.

See Description tab below for more information on this fly and some fly fishing tips.

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100-031040H10-01Hook #10Olive US$2.93
Realistic Tadpole Fly - Taddy - Brown
100-031040H10-02Hook #10Brown US$2.93
Realistic Tadpole Fly - Taddy - Black
100-031040H10-03Hook #10Black US$2.93

Realistic Tadpole Fly – Taddy

Realistic Tadpole Fly – Taddy is a very realistic representation of a frog tadpole in its shape, size, appearance and the way they behave then in water. These awesome imitations feature the big tadpole head with big, bulgy eyes, short, tapered body and long, feathery tail made to mimic the movement of the real tadpole in the water. They are just the perfect weight to emulate the real tadpole when underwater. Realistic Tadpole Fly pattern comes in most common tadpole colors: Black, Brown and Olive. The coloring was carefully done so it mimics their natural color as close as possible, including the light gray colored bottom sides.

Tadpoles Fly Fishing

Tadpoles represent a larval stage of a frog’s life-cycle and are typically aquatic. Tadpoles have large, globular bodies and long, flattened tails which they use for swimming using lateral undulation – same as fish. At the beginning of their life, they breathe using gills, so they are found underwater, especially close to weedbeds as they feed on algae and plants. Later in their metamorphosis they start developing lungs and limbs when they can be found on the water’s surface. Their metamorphosis to an adult usually is very short and typically lasts only about 24 hours. Tadpoles are a great source of food for fish all year round. Tadpole fly is the best choice of a pattern when fishing stillwaters or still backwaters, using an intermediate or sinking line to get down to weedbeds and retrieving slowly. Tadpole flies are very effective all year long, but the best times are early to late summer.

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Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1.6 cm



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