Realistic Insect Legs 3D

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  • Realistic Insect Legs 3D are really unique, ready-made fly tying parts that will make your fly pattern come alive.
  • Super effective – make your flies look and ‘behave’ like real insects on the water.
  • Authentic appearance, color, size, proportions of real insect legs.
  • Bent in 3 dimensions the same way the real insect legs are.
  • Made from foam-like material – super light and floatable – resulting in perfect presentation.
  • A layer of silicone is added for flexibility.
  • Durable, high-quality material.
  • Easy to tie – can be used with other foam parts, or with traditional materials, as they are highly floatable.
  • Great for countless fly patterns: ants, bees, wasps, bumblebees, bottle flies, house flies, cicadas…
  • 6 sets of legs per box.
  • A selection of five colors: Black, Brown, Tan, Yellow, and Gray, and four sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large.
  • See the Description section below for sizing info and more details.

Realistic Insect Legs - Black
100-010120XS-01BlackExtra Small £3.45
Realistic Insect Legs - Black
100-010120SM-01BlackSmall £3.45
Realistic Insect Legs - Black
100-010120ME-01BlackMedium £3.45
Realistic Insect Legs - Black
100-010120LG-01BlackLarge £3.45
Realistic Insect Legs - Brown
100-010120XS-02BrownExtra Small £3.45
Realistic Insect Legs - Brown
100-010120SM-02BrownSmall £3.45
Realistic Insect Legs - Brown
100-010120ME-02BrownMedium £3.45
Realistic Insect Legs - Brown
100-010120LG-02BrownLarge £3.45
Realistic Insect Legs - Tan
100-010120XS-03TanExtra Small £3.45
Realistic Insect Legs - Tan
100-010120SM-03TanSmall £3.45
Realistic Insect Legs - Tan
100-010120ME-03TanMedium £3.45
Realistic Insect Legs - Tan
100-010120LG-03TanLarge £3.45
Realistic Insect Legs - Yellow
100-010120XS-04YellowExtra Small £3.45
Realistic Insect Legs - Yellow
100-010120SM-04YellowSmall £3.45
Realistic Insect Legs - Yellow
100-010120ME-04YellowMedium £3.45
Realistic Insect Legs - Yellow
100-010120LG-04YellowLarge £3.45
Realistic Insect Legs - Gray
100-010120XS-05GrayExtra Small £3.45
Realistic Insect Legs - Gray
100-010120SM-05GraySmall £3.45
Realistic Insect Legs - Gray
100-010120ME-05GrayMedium £3.45
Realistic Insect Legs - Gray
100-010120LG-05GrayLarge £3.45

Realistic Insect Legs 3D

Realistic Insect Legs 3D are going to make your flies come alive, they have the looks of the real insect legs and they float on the water just like real ones. This is a truly unique fly tying product – these legs come ready-made, they are easy to tie, and make really effective flies as they add that final touch to your patterns. Realistic Insect Legs 3D are a one-piece, flexible set of 3 pairs of thin, light legs that can be universally used for an almost limitless number of fly patterns. What makes these legs so special is that they are made in 3 dimensions – the legs are bent the same way real insect legs are. As they are made of light, foam-like material, they float on the water, thus making them ideal for combination with both, foam and traditional fly tying materials. The material is of high quality making them durable and sturdy. The added layer of silicone gives them extra flexibility, further enhancing the real feel of these materials. Using these legs is super easy as you simply tie them to your pattern. No other prep work is needed. These legs can be used in countless ways to create various terrestrial fly patterns: ants, bees, wasps, bumblebees, bottle flies, house flies, cicadas…They can also be an interesting option for some of the dry aquatic species, like dry stoneflies, caddis, etc.

Realistic Insect Legs 3D come in five great colors to match almost any fly pattern: Black, Brown, Tan, Yellow, and Gray, and four different sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large. Extra Small is a good choice for hook sizes #12-14, Small would be good with hooks #10-12, Medium for hooks #8-10, and Large for hooks #6-8. To match them with the Realistic Extended Mayfly Bodies use XS for hooks #14 and #16, and Small for #10 and #12.

(Please note that due to many different types and models of hooks, these hook size recommendations are just rough estimates.)

6 sets of legs per box.

Fly Tying Video Recipe

Jim’s Realistic Bee

For a full list of ingredients, go here.

Weight 0.010 kg
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 1.5 cm

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2 reviews for Realistic Insect Legs 3D

  1. Dennis Djonlich (verified owner)

    Great product. Almost like cheating

  2. Gabor Gardonyi (verified owner)

    I used to use yellow backing coated with head cement for my legs. These are much easier and more realistic.

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