OROS Strike Indicators – 3-Pack – Multi-Color


Say goodbye to fishing hassles with Oros Strike Indicators! These game-changers are designed to make your fishing trips smoother and more enjoyable. No tiny parts to lose, no exposed hardware to tangle your line – just a sleek, balanced design that casts like a dream.

The Soft-Lock™ technology uses soft foam hemispheres to grip your line securely, making adjustments easy and keeping everything in place. Even better, they work great when wet, giving you a solid grip and smooth line changes.

Available in four sizes: XS (great for small flies and emergers), S, M, and L (great for throwing those big beaded stoneflies). They come in a multi-color pack of three: white, orange, and pink. Plus, you can mix and match top and bottom colors for the best visibility on the water. These indicators are eco-friendly too, thanks to a biodegradable additive. With Oros, you get top-notch buoyancy and a streamlined design for a better fishing experience every time.

See the description below for more information, videos, and recommended line weights for each size.


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OROS Strike Indicators - Extra Small
132-20315XS-MCExtra Small £8.19
OROS Strike Indicators - Medium
132-20315SM-MCSmall £8.19
OROS Strike Indicators - Small
132-20315ME-MCMedium £8.19
OROS Strike Indicators - Large
132-20315LG-MCLarge £8.19

Oros Strike Indicators: Less Pain, More Performance

Streamlined Design for Effortless Use

Oros strike indicators eliminate common pain points with their innovative, streamlined design. With no small parts to fumble or lose, they are centered on the line for balanced casting. The absence of exposed fastening hardware or posts ensures minimal drag and prevents line tangles.

The Soft-Lock™ Advantage

Featuring patent-pending Soft-Lock™ technology, Oros indicators enclose fastening hardware within two molded soft foam hemispheres. When closed, the hardware firmly holds the line, while the foam compresses to create friction, preventing disengagement. Over-sized threads make securing it to the line effortless.

Optimized for Wet Conditions

Oros indicators are easier to grip and tighten when wet. Water on the indicator increases friction between your skin and the surface, while reducing friction between the hemispheres by up to 35%, making line adjustments smoother.

Features and Details
  • Does not kink the line
  • Superior Buoyancy: Floats as much or more weight than leading brands.
  • Smooth Surface: Repels water and dirt, reducing drag while casting.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made with a biodegradable additive that accelerates biodegradation in natural environments, not during normal use.
  • Customizable Visibility: Top and bottom colors can be mixed or matched for optimal visibility.
Recommended Line Weights by Size

Available XS (great for small flies and emergers), S, M, and Large (great for throwing those big beaded stoneflies).

  • X-Small: 7x to 0X or midway up a tapered leader
  • Small: Up to 5X and lower
  • Medium: 4X or lower
  • Large: 3X or lower

Choose Oros Strike Indicators for a hassle-free, high-performance fishing experience.

  • X-small – .4 in / 11 mm
  • Small – 0.6 inches / 16 mm
  • Medium – 0.8 in / 21 mm
  • Large – 1.0 inches / 27 mm
Recommended care
  • Store loose indicators in a container or in a fabric pocket. The foam may deform if the indicator is compressed while stored.
  • Avoid storing in extreme heat
  • If fishing in temperatures at or below freezing, use a lubricant to keep threads from freezing
How to Attach Oros Strike Indicators
  • Unscrew the top.
  • Place the line in the screw slot.
  • Screw on the top until you feel a hard stop and the screw and nut grip the line.
  • Unscrew 1⁄4 turn to adjust up or down.
  • Avoid over-tightening.







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