JMC Azur 720 Polarized Fishing Sunglasses


  • Crafted from premium optical-grade polycarbonate, JMC Azur 720 sunglasses offer unparalleled polarization and comfort.
  • Their superior polarization, reduces glare, enhancing contrast, and allowing you to spot fish lurking beneath the surface with unparalleled clarity, even in challenging conditions.
  • Whether you’re casting into the sun’s glare or navigating bright, reflective waters, these sunglasses offer the visual advantage you need for a successful catch.
  • Enhanced with a durable mirror-like nanofilm coating, they provide superior UV protection, reducing eye strain during long days on the water.
  • With effective blue light filtering, your eyes are safeguarded in any lighting.
  • Their lightweight, ergonomic design ensures all-day comfort, while sleek black frames add a touch of timeless style.
  • Each pair is housed in a sturdy, protective hard case.
  • Choose from the O, V, or S series, each tailored to specific weather conditions. See the Description section below for details on how to choose your sunglasses by the lens color.
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JMC Azur O-720 Polarized Fishing Sunglasses
131-070302-AZ-O-720Azur O-720YellowOrange2 US$163.80
JMC Azur V-720 Polarized Fishing Sunglasses
131-070302-AZ-V-720Azur V-720AmberGreen3 US$163.80
JMC Azur S-720 Polarized Fishing Sunglasses
131-070302-AZ-S-720Azur S-720GreenSilver3 US$163.80

JMC Azur 720 Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Crafted from top-tier optical-grade polycarbonate, JMC Treck 720 Polarized Fishing Sunglasses deliver exceptional polarization and unparalleled comfort. Filtering out blue light effectively, these lenses ensure eye protection in any lighting conditions. Additionally, they are enhanced with a mirror-like nanofilm coating, elevating UV protection.

Top-notch protection, clarity & comfort

Experience the ultimate in fishing sunglasses with JMC Azur 720 sunglasses, meticulously crafted to exceed the expectations of avid anglers. Made from premium polycarbonate, these sunglasses prioritize visual clarity and comfort during your fishing journeys.

Polarization is essential for any fisherman. The Azur 720 guarantees optimal polarization, minimizing glare and heightening contrast, enabling you to spot elusive fish with unparalleled clarity, whether navigating sun-glared or reflective waters.

However, visibility isn’t the sole concern—eye protection is paramount. With lenses that nearly eliminate blue light from the perceptible spectrum, your eyes are shielded from harmful UV rays, minimizing eye strain during extended water expeditions. Additionally, the mirror-like nanofilm coating enhances UV filtration while bolstering lens durability against the rigors of fishing ventures.

Featuring a lightweight, ergonomic design, these sunglasses ensure all-day comfort, allowing you to remain focused on your passion without interruptions. The sleek black frames have a stylish, timeless appeal, whether facing the elements or awaiting the perfect catch. Select from the O, V, or S series, each tailored to specific weather conditions, and each pair is accompanied by a robust, protective hard case.

Sunglass lens color guide – how to choose your sunglasses

The color of your fishing sunglasses’ lenses can significantly affect your ability to spot fish. Yellow, green, or amber lenses are ideal for low-light conditions, such as overcast days, while darker options like gray, brown, or green/gray perform better in bright sunlight.

Additionally, the choice of lens color should consider the type of water you’re fishing in. Gray or gray-green lenses are more suitable for deeper waters. On the other hand, for low water conditions, opt for lenses with a yellow, brown, amber, or copper base.

JMC O-720

O-720 series comes with yellow lenses that are perfect for fishing on cloudy days thanks to their great luminosity. They have a multi-layered orange mirror and come with a protection index of 2.

JMC V-720

The V-720, brown/copper (amber) lenses allow you to fish in lakes, and large rivers but also at sea with optimal protection. They come with a protection index of 3 and a green multi-layered mirror. These are your “all-around” sunglasses.

JMC S-720

The S-720 series of sunglasses with their gray-green color lenses and multi-layer silver mirror ensure excellent fishing quality in any conditions, even the most sunny days. The S series comes with a protection index of 3.

Model Lenses Mirror Protection Index Conditions
O-720 Yellow Orange 2 Cloudy
V-720 Amber Green 3 Any
S-720 Gray-green Silver 3 Sunny





Azur O-720, Azur S-720, Azur V-720


Yellow, Amber, Green


Orange, Green, Silver


2, 3


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