Goddard Caddis Fly


The Goddard Caddis Fly is a must-have for any serious angler. This versatile and highly effective fly features a buoyant, segmented body made from spun and clipped deer hair, perfectly mimicking the adult caddisfly. Ideal for dry fly fishing, it excels in riffles, runs, pools, and still waters. Use techniques like dead drifting, skittering, and hopping to entice trout. Suitable for rivers, streams, lakes, and spring creeks, this versatile and durable fly promises exceptional results. Enhance your fly fishing success with the Goddard Caddis Fly, a proven performer in diverse fishing environments.

This pattern comes in five colors and hooks #12, #14, and #16. See the description section below for more info, on how and where to fish this pattern, and casting techniques to use.


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Goddard Caddis Fly - Olive
100-030106H12-01OliveHook #12 £2.17
Goddard Caddis Fly - Olive
100-030106H14-01OliveHook #14 £2.17
Goddard Caddis Fly - Olive
100-030106H16-01OliveHook #16 £2.17
Goddard Caddis Fly - Black
100-030106H12-02BlackHook #12 £2.17
Goddard Caddis Fly - Black
100-030106H14-02BlackHook #14 £2.17
Goddard Caddis Fly - Black
100-030106H16-02BlackHook #16 £2.17
Goddard Caddis Fly - Brown
100-030106H12-03BrownHook #12 £2.17
Goddard Caddis Fly - Brown
100-030106H14-03BrownHook #14 £2.17
Goddard Caddis Fly - Brown
100-030106H16-03BrownHook #16 £2.17
Goddard Caddis Fly - Tan
100-030106H12-04TanHook #12 £2.17
Goddard Caddis Fly - Tan
100-030106H14-04TanHook #14 £2.17
Goddard Caddis Fly - Tan
100-030106H16-04TanHook #16 £2.17
Goddard Caddis Fly - Orange
100-030106H12-05OrangeHook #12 £2.17
Goddard Caddis Fly - Orange
100-030106H14-05OrangeHook #14 £2.17
Goddard Caddis Fly - Orange
100-030106H16-05OrangeHook #16 £2.17

Goddard Caddis Fly

Introducing the Goddard Caddis Fly pattern – a versatile and highly effective fly that has earned its place in fly boxes around the world.

The Goddard Caddis Fly is renowned for its unique and intricate design, which closely mimics the adult caddisfly, a staple in the diet of many trout species. The body of this fly is constructed from spun and clipped deer hair, giving it a buoyant and highly realistic profile. The deer hair is carefully trimmed to create a tapered, segmented body that floats exceptionally well. The head is darker, simulating the natural coloration of a caddisfly. The wing is formed from more deer hair, extending back over the body to replicate the natural silhouette of an adult caddisfly resting on the water’s surface.

How to Fish Goddard Caddis Fly Pattern

The Goddard Caddis Fly is primarily fished as a dry fly, and it excels in various fishing techniques:

Dead Drift: Cast upstream and allow the fly to drift naturally with the current, maintaining a drag-free presentation. This technique works particularly well in riffles and runs where caddisflies are naturally abundant.

Skittering: Utilize short, quick strips of your line to make the fly skitter across the water’s surface, mimicking the erratic movement of a caddisfly. This can provoke aggressive strikes from opportunistic trout.

Hopping: In slower water or on lakes, you can gently lift your rod tip to make the fly hop and dance on the surface, simulating an emerging caddisfly.

Where to Use It

The Goddard Caddis Fly is incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of settings:

Rivers and Streams: Perfect for riffles, runs, and pools where caddisflies are frequently found.
Lakes and Ponds: Effective in still waters, especially during caddisfly hatches when trout are actively feeding on the surface.
Spring Creeks: Ideal for these clear, nutrient-rich waters where trout are often keyed in on surface insects.

Casting Technique

Precision and delicate presentation are key when fishing the Goddard Caddis Fly. Here are a few casting techniques to consider:

Roll Cast: Useful in tight quarters with limited backcasting space, allowing for a gentle, accurate presentation.
Reach Cast: Helps manage drag by positioning your line upstream of the fly, ensuring a natural drift.
Parachute Cast: Ideal for placing your fly softly on the water, minimizing disturbance, and maximizing the natural appearance.

In summary, the Goddard Caddis Fly pattern is an essential addition to any angler’s collection. Its lifelike appearance, combined with its buoyant and durable construction, makes it a reliable choice for targeting trout in a variety of environments. Whether you’re fishing fast-flowing rivers, serene lakes, or productive spring creeks, the Goddard Caddis Fly will significantly enhance your fly fishing experience and success.

This pattern comes in five colors and hooks #12, #14, and #16.


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