Furled Leader Kevlar – 8 ft / 20 lb


  • Hemingway’s extra strong Furled Leader Kevlar – handwoven & tapered.
  • 8 ft length, for 4-6 line weight and load-bearing capacity of 20 lb. 
  • Made out of Kevlar fibres, coated for abrasion resistance.
  • Provides extreme durability without stretching.
  • Pre-looped with 2 strong loops.

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Hemingway’s Furled Leader Kevlar – 8 ft / 20 lb is an extra strong, handwoven tapered leader for 4-6 line weight and load-bearing capacity of 20 lb. This is a top quality leader and is made from Kevlar fibres. Coated for abrasion resistance. The leader has been pre-looped with 2 strong loops. Provides extreme durability without stretching.

Hemingway’s Furled Leaders

Hemingway’s furled leaders formula is a blend of traditional craftsmanship, new technology and more than 20 years experience with the constant quest for improvement.Hemingway’s leaders are produced from carefully selected materials. Their choice is double silicone coated nylon for floating leaders and fluorocarbon for sinking leaders. All of the Hemingway’s leaders are handcrafted from over 30-70m of premium material. All of them are pre-looped to attach to the fly line using a simple loop-to-loop method. This means that if the conditions change, or you wish to use a different fishing method, you can switch to another leader in seconds.

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Dimensions 9.4 × 6.9 × 0.2 cm


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