Furled Leader Fluorocarbon – 8 ft / 4-6x

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  • Hemingway’s Furled Leader Flourocarbon – 8 ft / 4-6x, tapered, handwoven.
  • Virtually invisible to fish – designed to refract light like water.
  • Soft and castable, made for 3-6 line weight.
  • Made out of best quality fluorocarbon.
  • Pre-looped with two shorb loops.

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Hemingway’s Furled Leader Fluorocarbon – 8 ft / 4-6x is tapered, handwoven furled leader, perfect for fly fishing in clear waters. It is designed to refract light like water (the light doesn’t bounce off the surface, but refracts – changes direction), making it virtually invisible to fish. This leader is soft and castable, made for 3-6 line weight. It is top quality leader, made from the best fluorocarbon material available. Pre-looped with two shorb loops.

Hemingway’s Furled Leaders

Hemingway’s furled leaders formula is a blend of traditional craftsmanship, new technology and more than 20 years experience with the constant quest for improvement.Hemingway’s leaders are produced from carefully selected materials. Their choice is double silicone coated nylon for floating leaders and fluorocarbon for sinking leaders. All of the Hemingway’s leaders are handcrafted from premium material. All of them are pre-looped to attach to the fly line using a simple loop-to-loop method. This means that if the conditions change, or you wish to use a different fishing method, you can switch to another leader in seconds.

Weight 0.002 kg
Dimensions 9.4 × 6.9 × 0.2 cm

1 review for Furled Leader Fluorocarbon – 8 ft / 4-6x

  1. Michael Nicholas (verified owner)

    Wonderful product Furled leader Fluoro 8ft for a 4X/ 5X/ 6X line. I’ll use it for wet fly fishing. It is a pity that the EU has not signed a free trade tariff free agreement with Canada! On top of the price for the article (very fair) and the shipping costs (also acceptable) the EU slapped on a 7 euro customs and VAT surcharge! However, this leader is great. I used something similar up in the Spanish Pyrenees; casting a 3 fly rig (two Snipe and Purple North Country Spiders (traditional wet flies from Yorkshire in England plus a jig head hare’s ear nymph on point. Casting gently up stream following the drift downstream and bringing the rig across the stream .Wonderful! Many thanks for the product. I look forward to buying more stuff from you.

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