Backcountry Skinz Z-Drainz Wet Wading Socks


  • Introducing Z-Drainz wet wading socks, a revolutionary innovation for a transformed water wading experience!
  • Made from high-quality 2.5mm stretch neoprene to keep your feet dry, and warm and prevent discomfort from soggy socks.
  • Advanced Z-Drainz system efficiently pushes out water from the bottom of the socks.
  • Versatile design suitable for wearing with wading boots, hiking shoes, or during paddling excursions.
  • The thin Velcro strap at the top ensures a snug fit around the ankles and prevents debris from entering.
  • Perfectly complemented by Backcountry Skinz’s Z-series wet wading pants for the ultimate wet wading/paddling setup.
  • Comes in five sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL) and two colors: Black and Dark Aqua.
  • Scroll down to the Description section for more information and a size chart.

Z-Drainz Wet Wading Socks

Backcountry Skinz’s Z-Drainz wet wading socks – a revolutionary innovation that will transform your water-wading experience! These socks, made from high-quality 2.5mm stretch neoprene, keep your feet warm and eliminate the uncomfortable soggy feeling caused by fully sealed socks during water wading.

The game-changing feature of Z-Drainz is their advanced Z-drainz system, engineered to efficiently drain water from the bottom of the socks. No more waterlogged feet!

Versatile and adaptable, these socks can be worn with wading boots, hiking shoes, or for paddling excursions. The thin Velcro strap at the top ensures a snug fit around the ankles while preventing debris from entering.

For the ultimate wet wading/paddling setup, pair these incredible wading socks with Backcountry Skinz’s Z-series pants, the Original or Light version. Together, they provide unmatched comfort and protection on the water, complementing each other perfectly. Say goodbye to discomfort and enjoy your time in the water like never before!

Size Chart

  • S – 3.5-6 – Length 21.1 cm – Height 18.45 cm
  • M – 7-8 – Length 22.1 cm – Height 18.6 cm
  • L – 9-10 – Length 23.1 cm – Height 18.75 cm
  • XL – 11-12 – Length 25.1 cm – Height 18.9 cm
  • XXL – 12-14 – Length 27.2 cm – Height 19.1 cm

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