Adams Comparadun Fly

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The Adams Comparadun is a classic dry fly that stands out with its sparse wing and gray dubbing body, giving off the vibe of various mayflies. It’s like a must-have for those tricky trout moments when they’re picky about what they eat. Picture calm, clear waters during a mayfly hatch—that’s where it really shines. Just imagine delicately casting it into those slow currents or slicks and letting it drift naturally to fool those cautious trout. It’s all about that smooth, drag-free presentation to make them bite. With its versatility and lifelike appearance, the Adams Comparadun is basically your go-to secret weapon for those finicky trout situations. It comes in three hook sizes: #14, 16, and #18. See the description below for more fishing techniques.


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Adams Comparadun Fly
100-030104H14-01Hook #14 CAD $3.85
Adams Comparadun Fly
100-030104H16-01Hook #16 CAD $3.85
Adams Comparadun Fly
100-030104H18-01Hook #18 CAD $3.85

Adams Comparadun Fly

The Adams Comparadun is a classic dry fly pattern renowned for its versatility and effectiveness on the water. It has a distinctive silhouette characterized by a sparse and upright wing, imitating the profile of a variety of mayflies. Its body is made of a blend of gray dubbing, giving it a natural appearance, while the hackle is palmered around the body to provide buoyancy and stability.

Presentation Technique: This fly is best fished as a dry fly imitation of a mayfly dun on the water’s surface. Its low profile and sparse design make it an excellent choice for selective trout in clear, slow-moving water. To present it effectively, utilize a delicate casting technique to achieve a drag-free drift, allowing the fly to ride naturally on the surface film.

Where to Use It: The Adams Comparadun excels in a variety of trout fishing scenarios, particularly on rivers and streams with picky and selective fish. It’s an ideal choice for targeting rising trout during mayfly hatches, such as Blue Winged Olives or Pale Morning Duns. Additionally, it can be effective in slower currents, eddies, and slicks where trout are known to sip insects delicately from the surface.

Casting Technique: When casting the Adams Comparadun, aim for precision and accuracy to target specific feeding lanes or rising fish. Employ a gentle presentation with a slack line cast or reach cast to ensure a natural drift and prevent drag. Approach feeding trout cautiously and avoid spooking them with abrupt movements or noisy casting.

Overall, the Adams Comparadun is a staple pattern in any fly angler’s arsenal, offering versatility, realism, and effectiveness in fooling wary trout. Its ability to imitate a wide range of mayflies makes it a go-to choice during mayfly hatches and other selective feeding situations on the water.

This pattern comes in three hook sizes #14, 16, and #18.


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