Kevin Hospodar’s Fly Tying for Steelhead: Intruder 4K

This time Kevin Hospodar shared a tutorial on how to tie his Intruder 4K – a great looking steelhead intruder.  Awesome pattern, sure to have big success on the water. Easy-to-follow steps.

“A different take on an intruder. Materials with a lot of movement and very little bulk. The shank and some medium eyes with these materials will help to get it t down and fishing.”

Check out his video and try tying your Intruder 4K.


To tie Kevin Hospodar’s Steelhead Intruder 4K, you need the following:

  • 35 mm Waddington Shank
  • Intruder hook, size #4 (we recommend Maruto Carp Fly Hooks)
  • Brass eyes, medium size
  • Hemingway’s Frosty Dubbing in Pink
  • UV peacock eyes
  • Pink Schlappen
  • Lagartun French Flatbriad in silver color
  • Blue Arctic Fox
  • Black Schlappen
  • Blue Flashabou
  • Pink hackle tips
  • Tip-dyed marabou
MG 9982 001 Pink omonzc - FrostyFly
Hemingway’s Frosty Dubbing in Pink
Maruto carp fly hooks 8832-SSC+CP
Maruto carp fly hooks


Try tying this great fly yourself! Give us your comments below. Share photos of your Steelhead Intruder 4K or fish caught with this pattern on our Facebook page.

We absolutely love Kevin’s videos, they are easy to follow, simple and produce some really interesting and innovative patterns. Check them all out on his YouTube channel, subscribe & stay in the loop.

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