Frosty Fly Welcomes Our New Addition: Corey Cabral!

Frosty Fly is growing! We are proud to announce our new addition – Corey Cabral – as our Pro Staff team member!

Corey, a.k.a. Fanatical Fly Tyer,  is a real fly fishing & fly tying enthusiast with creative and new approach to fly tying and angling. Native to London, Ontario, his main passion & obsession, as he has mentioned is: ‘chasing Great Lakes steelhead‘, as well as tenkara fishing on small creeks & rivers for resident rainbow and brown trout. When not out on the water, he is experimenting with new patterns that ‘drive the fish wild’. He is a member of a Sotto Fly Fishing Club, where he competes in fly fishing tournaments. You can also find Corey presenting at fly tying seminars, or just checking out new gear at his favorite fly store in London – Angling Sports.

Corey is an author of a great fly tying & fly fishing blog (Fanatical Fly Tyer, of course) where he shares his thoughts and insights. Here you can find some awesome new fly creations, useful reviews and other good reads. What he said about himself on his blog probably sums it all up very well: “Be it fly fishing or sitting at the bench tying up offerings and creating new flies I am 100% addicted, obsessed and in love with the hobby and sport”.

Welcome Corey!

Corey’s Info

Location: London, Ontario, Canada


Blog: Fanatical Fly Tyer

Instagram: fanaticaltyer

Facebook: Fanatical Tyer

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